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Your Guide to Garden Sheds

A garden shed can be an important extension to any home, and can ensure that those garden essentials and pieces of equipment are free from cluttering up your garage or inside space. They very often also serve as a sanctuary in which people undertake woodwork, and a whole host of other hobbies.

As such, its function can range from a simple storage space to put all the unwanted items from the spare bedroom you're converting, to a luxury work space kitted out with the best DIY equipment and can even be air-conditioned.

The versatility of garden sheds is what makes them so popular. Here we compare the different options available when buying a shed.

Garden shed types

Wooden sheds

Wooden sheds are of course the most popular and common type of shed and the traditional look often suits most gardens, even where the home is modern. At the lower end of the price range you'll find most wooden sheds have just one door which allows for entry and exit, but little room to park a sit on lawnmower or garden equipment that’s relatively large.

Should you find that a singular door be insufficient for your needs, you need to look up the ranges at garden sheds that have double doors that open the shed up fully.

Metal sheds

Metal sheds are far more durable and can be significantly cheaper than wooden sheds. Additionally metal sheds can provide better security and make the life of the would be intruder a whole lot more difficult. This is particularly important if you plan to store relatively expensive items, however there is a compromise to be made, as metal sheds are less aesthetically pleasing than wooden ones. They are also not very suitable for those that wish to use their shed as a workspace as very often they have no windows.

Plastic sheds

For a happy medium between wooden and metal sheds, a plastic shed can offer a space suitable for leisure time, as well as increased security. Plastic is obviously less penetrable than wood, and many plastic sheds feature windows to let the light in.

Things to bear in mind when buying a garden shed

Is the wood protected?

Most wooden sheds will come with the wood already treated and protected from the elements. However you’ll need to double check this as some versions come unprotected to make it easy for the consumer to paint their shed in a colour or shade of their choice. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that you recoat your wood at least once every four years. There are plenty of products on the market that will do this, and the range incorporates various colours and shades to suit any garden.


Wooden and plastic sheds come with 10 years guarantee while metal sheds usually have longer 15 year guarantee. But all types need care and to be treated from time to time to improve their longevity.

What’s your budget?

Garden sheds can vary wildly in price. From the budget security shed to the beautiful summer house shed, there’s a type of shed to suit any budget and any purpose. Be sure to shop around, as sheds are generally stocked by numerous suppliers who may have significantly different prices.

If you intend to buy a shed, but it is not the most urgent thing to do at the moment bear in mind there are seasonal sales, and do not forget to check for special prices online.

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