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Antivirus software

Antivirus softwares are those computer programs that are created as a protection against malwares such as viruses, Trojan horses and worms. When these malwares invade your computer, they cause files to be deleted and gain access to your personal data. So, an antivirus software is an essential requirement for your computer. However, some people think that they don’t have personal data to worry about and thy overlook the importance of an antivirus software. But, viruses can capture your Email and password. They can also drain your bank account when you make a financial transaction. They can also perform other malicious acts. In this topic, we will explain why protecting your computer with an antivirus software is a must and what will actually be protected by this software. We will also mention four of the best antivirus softwares to choose between for your computer.

Why you need an antivirus software

An antivirus software works as a closed door to protect your computer from exterior invaders. A computer without an antivirus is a welcoming environment for viruses and other malicious invaders. Here are 3 reasons why an antivirus software is a must to have for your computer.


To stop the transmission of viruses

With an antivirus software, any virus tries to get into your computer will be detected and removed at once. So, it doesn’t even have the time to spread and harm your computer. Furthermore, it will not be transferred to your friends or family through networks or data sharing.


Maintain the performance of your computer

When viruses spread in a computer that doesn’t use an antivirus software, its performance is seriously affected. Basic tasks take longer time, some programs stop to work, a portion of the hard space is eaten, and even the internet connection is denied. All of the above is avoided by having a proper protection by an antivirus.


Protect yourself from hackers and data thieves

Hackers usually use viruses to break into other’s computers and perform illegal acts using the IP address of your computer. Data thieves are another cybercriminals who use malicious softwares to access your computer and view private information such as your email account, your bank account, and their passwords. These viruses and malicious softwares are defeated by an antivirus. So, install it on your computer and be protected against hackers and data thieves.


What can be protected by an antivirus software?

Some people don’t believe in the importance of an antivirus software until they lose important files by viruses. With this software, you will protect your important files and other element including the following.


You may be used to keep an eye on your children while they are playing outside or even in their own garden. But, you may not know that while they are using the internet, they are also in danger. Some viruses affects the direction of the search engine, they may be searching for their favorite websites and be shocked when they find a pornography site that shouldn’t be viewed by children. With an antivirus, these misleading viruses will be stopped and these pornography sites will be blocked from appearing to your children.


Data and files

When you transfer new data and files to your computer, they will be examined first by your antivirus software to make sure that they are safe and will not harm your own data and files. If they were attached by viruses, they will be blocked.


Removable devices

USBs could be the most devices used for transmitting data and files from and to computers. These removable devices may carry viruses to your computer. An antivirus will not only block viruses from removable devices, but also scan these devices and clean them from viruses if they were existing.


Best softwares to consider

There are many different antivirus softwares available as a protection against viruses and malwares. But, you will pay for these softwares. So, you need to make sure that your chosen software is the one to trust. Here are four of the best antivirus software that are widely assured to be strong shields for your computer


Bitdefender’s total security

Bitdefender’s suites usually come with top antivirus softwares. It could be installed and used easily thanks to its simple interfaces. The total security edition if one of its best editions, it works for different computer systems including the windows series from windows 7 to windows 10, iOS, Android, and Mac. The total security suite comes with many extra features such as password management, secure browser, webcam protection, and 2-way firewalls.  When this edition is tested, it managed to deal with 99% of threats that may harm computers.

Price: £35


Kaspersky total security

In 2020, Kaspersky provides 3 products that deal with everything that could harm your computer, Kaspersky internet security, security cloud, and total security. The total security version works on Windows 7 to windows 10. The other two versions work on windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. Extras provided by Kaspersky total security include a virtual keyboard, webcam protection, a secure browser, and an anti-spam feature. When it was tested, it came second after Bitdefender’s total security by dealing with 98% of threats that may harm computers.

Price: £30


Avast premium security

Avast is known for its free products that are considered of the best free antiviruses in the world. However, it offers advanced options that are paid. The Avast premium security suit consists of three flavors for the internet, the cloud and the hard disk. Some features that are provided by Avast aren’t provided by other antivirus softwares such as its software updater that detects updates for computer softwares and its ransomware shield that stop untrusted apps from working without permission. If you look for higher level of customization, this antivirus would be more recommended for you. But, you need to afford its high price that exceeds the price of Bitdefender’s and Kaspersky antivirus.

Price: £75


Norton security premium

Norton security premium is a little bit similar to Bitdefender’s total security, but it was approved to deal with 97% of threats that may harm computers coming after Bitdefender’s total security and Kaspersky total security. However, it provide protection for more operating systems including windows XP to windows 10, iOS, Mac, and Android. Features of this software include browser extensions to protect you while browsing the web, 2-way firewall, and a password manager. There is also a remarkable feature provided by Norton security premium that upload new files to its cloud labs in order to be analyzed. This means it doesn’t expose your computer to future threats.

Price: £40                                

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