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Online food order

An online food order has become the decision of the most people when it comes to getting food and grocery requirements. It saves your time, money, and energy. With good planning, you can be able to buy food that is required for an entire week in only few minutes while you are relaxing on your sofa. A single order packing weakly needs will save delivery costs that would be paid for multiple orders. You can even find foods that are delivered for free.  In this topic, we will help you to decide which type of food is more recommended to be ordered online, best supermarkets that offer the cheapest delivery costs, and expected time you will need to wait until your order is delivered.

What food can be ordered online?

With the increasing demand on online food delivery, you may need to wait more time until receiving your order. Because of this reason, most people now focus on ordering in bulk to fill their fridge with their required food for the following few days. Her are types of food that could be ordered online and kept for days without being spoiled.


Frozen meat and poultry


People usually prefer to buy fresh meat and poultry, but they are spoiled quickly, you can’t buy fresh meat and poultry in bulk. So, it’s more recommended to buy them frozen to avoid waste. Frozen steak for example lasts for up to a year in your fridge while frozen chicken lasts for up to nine months. So, you will not be required to order meat and poultry frequently.


Dried fruits

Dried fruits has a longer lasting time than fresh fruits even If it was outside your fridge. However, their lasting time could be extended by being stored in the fridge. Dried mangos and apricots for example can last for up to six months. A lot of people now prefer to buy dried fruits because they highly nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But, be careful because they contain more sugar and calories than fresh fruits. So, they should be consumed in small amounts.


Frozen vegetables

As well as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables spoil quickly even if they are stored well. So, going for frozen vegetable is a better decision. Frozen vegetables such as broccoli and spinach could be stored in the freezer for up to eight months without being spoiled. Frozen vegetable is another nutritious food that is bought in bulk because of its health benefits especially for diets. Vegetables also reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic conditions.




Oils are also essential for your meals, but not all of them could be purchased in bulk. Coconut oil and palm oil are more oxidation resistant than vegetable oils including sunflower oil, soybean oil, and safflower oil. So, when only coconut and palm oils are recommended to be bought in bulk because they are expected to last for a long time, but other vegetable oils should be bought in small quantities and stored in cool locations to avoid quickly oxidation.


Dried beans and lentils

Dried beans and lentils are other types of foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. So, they are recommended to be bought in bulk because they also last for a long period even if they were stored at room temperature. Furthermore, dried beans and lentils are usually added to different dishes including salads, stews, and soups. However, storing them for an extended period could reduce the value of some nutrients. So, try to buy them in bulk but for the following week or two weeks at most.


Best supermarkets to buy groceries online


An online food order shouldn’t be waited too much, and it shouldn’t cost too much for delivery as well. Less time and lower cost for delivery are usually the two main elements everybody needs when ordering food online. But, with the increasing demand, some supermarkets find it difficult to deliver at short times as they used to do in the past. However, there are still good online retailers where you can order in advance to receive the order at your planned time. Here are four of the best online retailers to buy foodonline.



ASDA is one of the best supermarkets in UK, you can make benefit of its great deals when you buy its products online as well as buying them from its physical stores. You have two options, either by using the website or by using ASDA mobile app. Spend at least £40 on a single order because less than £40 orders charge £3 for deliveries. Orders that exceed £40 usually charge only £1 for delivery. However, you will have a free month of delivery if you are a new customer. Furthermore, there are delivery passes available to have unlimited free deliveries. You can choose between a 6-month pass and a 1-year pass. These delivery passes will save you about £100 on average if you are usually buying online.



Iceland is one of the best online retailer that sell frozen food online. People usually buy in bulk from Iceland to plan for the next week. However, you are allowed to buy one pound or less of pantry as you like. Not only frozen food is available, there are also fresh food and household items. The minimum spending in Iceland is £25. But, you are more recommended to take the advantage of free delivery for orders over £35. You can also get better deals by buying larger packs of products.



Morrisons sells a wide range of food products including meat, fruits, vegetables, and other pantry products. You can easily sign up by your Facebook account and start shopping. The minimum spending on Morrisons is £40 and the delivery cost starts from £1. You will also receive a free month of delivery when you sign up for the first time. And you can buy the annual delivery pass for £60 to buy anything anytime for free delivery. You can also buy the same delivery pass for only £35 if you accepted to buy only in midweek from Tuesday to Thursday.



Sainsbury’s is one of the best online retailers to consider if you plan to save a lot of your money. It offers many cost effective solutions for customers. The minimum spending in Sainsbury’s is £40 and the delivery cost starts with £1. But, orders that exceed £100 come with free delivery. Delivery passed are also available to buy for people who order regularly. So, you can receive your orders for free delivery. Eco time slots is another service provided by Sainsbury’s that help customers receive their order at their preferred time. It refers to vans that are scheduled to reach specific areas at certain times. So, you can make an order to be delivered by a scheduled van to be in your area.


When orders can be delivered?

The reason why we recommend customers to buy in bulk is the current effect of coronavirus on online delivery service. In the past, people were divided into two categories. One of them prefers to buy groceries online and the other one prefers to visit physical stores. But, in current conditions, physical stores are closed, people are required to stay home, and they tend to order online.

In average, you may be requested to wait for up to a whole week to receive your order, and sometimes you way be required to wait for weeks until there is a delivery slot available in your area.

The government identified vulnerable people as those who need extra help in current conditions. So, online retailers are working with the government to overcome the current crisis by dealing with vulnerable customers as a priority. So, if you are not a vulnerable, expect to wait for longer.


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