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Buyer's Guide to Sofa Beds

A sofa bed has the basic structure of a sofa, but with cushions hidden underneath a platform that is easily folded out, allowing the unit to be converted into a bed. Today's sofa beds offer a mixture of comfort and quality that provide a nice contrast to the hard, uncomfortable and unwieldy structures of the past. In addition to offering top quality, modern designs offer many choices of fabrics, styles and colours to coordinate with even the most sophisticated decor. Consider purchasing a sofa bed if one of the following three conditions applies to you, even some of the time.

If You Want to Save Money

Buying a sofa bed is economical because you are buying both a sofa and a bed at once. Although a basic sofa bed typically costs more than a regular sofa, the cost of an average sofa bed is less than the cost of buying both a sofa and a bed separately. In short, you get a buy one get one free deal.

If You Want to Save Space

If you have a limited amount of space but many guests who want to stay at your apartment or house, consider purchasing a sofa bed. Instead of having to fit in an extra guest bedroom, you can put the sofa bed into a living area, saving the space you would have afforded to the extra bedroom by making this space a library or personal gym.

In today's less is more attitude toward living space, a sofa bed makes good sense because it allows you to do more with less overall square footage. Buying a sofa bed therefore allows you to please yourself 360 days of the year and those out of town relatives, who will likely only be staying with you about five days a year.

If You Want to Multipurpose a Room

A sofa bed allows you to multipurpose a room in your home. During the day, you can use the sofa to watch television, play video games or gatherings with friends. At night, you pull the folding platform out, revealing the cushions underneath and presto, you have a bed. The living space now becomes a comfortable guest bedroom that can house one or two more people. You do not have to limit your choices to the living room, either. You can multipurpose the game room, recreation room, or library, simply by adding a sofa bed.

Where to Buy?

Browse for a wide range at DFS, They offer a good range of sofa beds with removable covers starting at £409. The best thing is that they have a variety of colours and you can always match them to the existing interior of the room. All their sofas have manufacturer guarantee of 2 years.

If you haven't matched your requirements find more at SofaBedsWorld. They have a very wide range of styles and prices. You can get a sofa bed for just £89.99. Also, they have clearance going on almost all the time so we're sure that you'll bag a bargain.

We recommend you to compare the wide range of sofa beds online before choosing the one.

Are sofa beds comfortable?

If you are still hesitating if you should buy a sofa bed, will you feel a metal bar and will you need it that often as a bed at all, we can answer yes, no and yes! Sofa beds are affordable and convenient - suitable for many ocassions. With a high quality bed you will not feel the metal bar at all. Mattresses are now much better than they were before and comfort is the only thing you will feel. Sofa beds can be used on a daily basis or for guests - your choice. They will last you 10 years at least.

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