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3 Essential Tips for Buying the Perfect Sofa Set

Buying a new sofa set can be a big expense, and you want to be sure you make the right decision when investing in something that will have pride of place in your living room for years to come. Follow these three steps and you’ll be on your way to choosing the right sofa set at the right price in no time at all.

Measure up accurately
Consider the space in which your new sofa set will be going and plan where you’ll put each piece of furniture before you start browsing. Measure the wall space and available floor space, and have in mind the absolute maximum size sofa you could choose in order for it to fit comfortably.

When browsing sofa sets, take as many measurements as you possibly can for each piece of furniture, particularly for corner sofas which can be tricky to squeeze into small spaces. Considering a recliner? Ensure you’ll have enough floor space in front and behind in order that it can recline fully. Does the sofa set have large arms which stick out significantly? Make sure you measure those, too.

Think about how you will get your furniture into your room; are hallways and doors wide enough, or are the arms of the sofa removable in order to squeeze it in and rebuild when in place? These are important things to consider as you don’t want to risk damaging your furniture when attempting to transport it through your home.

Make the big decision: fabric or leather?
Leather is luxurious and tends to wear in rather than out over years, but it can be easy to scuff and usually needs specialist cleaning in order to keep it looking its best. Fabric is usually a little more forgiving and low maintenance than leather and isn’t at risk from scuffs and scratches, however it does thin and deteriorate as time goes on. On the plus side, there are thousands of different types, colours and patterns of fabric to choose from so you may have more variety.

Leather is far more expensive than fabric sofas which, if you’re on a budget, can be the deciding factor. However, you can find good quality second hand leather sofas for more reasonable prices, so try charity shops and second hand stores which stock furniture. Look for local freecycling websites or newspaper ads where people are giving away their sofa sets for a low price or even for free. Depending on the condition of the furniture repair work may be necessary, but this still may be significantly cheaper than buying brand new furniture.

Try before you buy, even when hunting for bargains
You may have fallen in love with your ideal sofa set online for an incredibly reasonable price, and it may be tempting to hit that buy button almost immediately. Online retailers do often offer cheaper prices than bricks and mortar stores, but this may result in you receiving a poor quality sofa set that doesn’t meet your expectations and will need replacing far sooner than you expected.

If you can, visit a store which sells the same sofa before you order online so you can check its right for you. Alternatively, if you’ve found the right set in-store visit the retailer’s website and compare prices. You may find it’s cheaper online, or that you can get deals or discounts offered exclusively to online customers or email newsletter subscribers.

Can you mix and match sofas?
Mixing and matching can lead to a very ambient and cohesive room design when done right. If you would like to do it - better consult an expert so that is done the right way. Coordination between styles and colours can make your living room quite cosy and stylish!

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