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Your Guide to uPVC Doors & Windows

uPVC doors and windows have become increasingly popular over the last decade. They not only ensure that houses have optimum energy efficiency, but they additionally keep properties safe from intruders. Ensuring that you make the right choice of uPVC doors and windows can not only be the difference between high and low energy bills, but moreover can be the difference between keeping your home free from intruders.

The pros of uPVC

uPVC is the synthetic material which has become the material of choice for many window and door manufacturers for a variety of reasons.


First and foremost, it can visually mimic conventional solutions, such as wood. Being synthetic allows it to be dyed in a number of colours, and means that complex patterns such as wood grain can be recreated.

Bespoke solutions

Secondly, uPVC’s synthetic nature is conducive to moulding. Today, manufacturers can turn even themost complex of shapes or designs into a reality, and you may even wish to choose a bespoke solution where you can dictate the design for yourself.

Energy efficiency

Thirdly, uPVC windows and doors work seamlessly with the double glazing and triple glazing concept that are kind to your energy usage levels.

Low cost

Lastly, many doors and window installation companies have embraced the uPVC option and fierce competition has cut prices for end consumers. Today, this is truer than ever, as companies have struggled for sales during the recent recession. Therefore now may be the time to invest in a set of uPVC doors and windows.

Cost effective uPVC windows and doors

For those that are looking for an optimum return on their uPVC windows and doors, using the right website is critical. In fact, by using the most effective websites, you can expect to save anything up to 75% OFF the prices that many companies offer on the door step.

Factors to consider when choosing your uPVC windows and doors

Triple or double glazed?

Whilst triple glazing is more expensive than double glazing, it goes without saying that it saves more energy; the question here is really about whether you’re able to invest now, so you can save later.

What design should you go for?

Many are put off the idea of uPVC windows and doors because they feel that it won’t suit the styling of their house; however given the wide variety of designs they no longer have to be so obvious. Particularly where period properties are concerned, a wood design finish can be more sympathetic to the building’s current finish.

Is it difficult to install?

They are considered the simplest ones to install and very low maintenance. This is why a lot of people choose them lately for their homes, offices and sheds.They are a bit expensive but quite durable so it makes them a safe choice.

Do you need additional security?

The locks on uPVC windows and doors will be up to a set standard as governed by European qualities, however you may wish to consider reinforcing your doors and windows with additional locks.

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