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Get Some Privacy with Window Shutters

There is always much to do about your home and if your current wish is to make it ever more solid, safe and pretty at a time, then it is time to think of shutters. The very look and feel of shutters, external and internal alike, does build the impression of being protected from intruders and whims of the weather. Now how to make a selection which would be a neat fit with your home and preferences?

Shutters and heat

Most of the shutters on the market are made from such material that prevents heat from the sun to go through the summer. And in the winter - when closed tight - the shutters decrease heat loss. They will help you save money in both cases so it's worth considering installing yours!

Choosing material

Luckily, shutters manufacturers have put to use all the materials typical for doors and windows. This means that at your disposal are solutions made of wood, plastic, PVC and uPVC. To avoid dissonance which might be visible and, hmmm, disturbing to the eye, it would be best if you had doors, windows and shutters in materials sync.

Choosing type

While they look the same from afar, a close look into the shutters range will see you choosing out of many.

Plantation shutters (also called louvre shutters) are the type which most people go for. These shutters have slats that rotate open and closed to control the light coming in.

Solid (or panel) shutters are flush which once closed they let no sunshine in. Board shutters, for their part, are made of wooden or plastic boards which afford your home the charm of tradition.

Café style shutters are often used in cafes and restaurants, hence the name. They cover just the bottom half of the window.

Standard or bespoke

standard size shutters will, of course, be more cost-effective, more likely to be in stock and faster to deliver and install but it is fit only for cases when your windows are standard, too.

If your windows are tapered or wider than is the custom size shutters, then you do need to resort to the help of a specialist who will come to your home, take measurements and consult you on the most appropriate solution for you. That will cost you a bit more but you will be sure your special windows will have the special shutters as well.

Advantages over blinds and curtains

Flexibility - you can choose between different slat sizes, different colours and different panel designs;

Cost effectiveness - provide further insulation, last longer and are more durable;

Easier to clean - shutters don't absorb the dust, unlike curtains or blinds;


Hillarys has shutters for windows of all shapes and sizes in any material you please. Do not forget to see the ongoing 50% off sale for selected made-to-measure shutters. A number of shutters come at a 20% discount.

ThomasSanderson also has a rich collection which could prove an excellent complement to any type of home. There are classical, shaped, tier on tier and cafe style versions for you to choose from. Allow yourself time for browsing and choose the one you feel is best for you.

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