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What to look for when buying 3 seater sofas

Three seater sofas are suitable for anyone that has more than one person in their home, or who invites guests round. However with so many 3 seater sofas around how do you chose the right one for you? And what are the things you should consider? Many people visit a sofa showroom or website and make an impulse purchase that they later regret. Follow our tips and avoid this situation.

What material should you chose?

Sofas can be made of fabric, natural and artificial leather and any combinations thereof. Leather is much better if you have children or pets. With their occasional pranks, you might have a hard time cleaning this bulky furniture item.

For those that have a modest budget, they should take a look at artificial leather; whilst it isn't as durable as real leather, it does provide a respectable life span. You may also have more choices in terms of colour and style, as there are more faux leather sofas on the market than real.

If, however, you have enough to "stop by" the costlier natural leather items, you will benefit no end in terms of durability and product life span. Natural leather is also far more stain resistant, as the processes it goes through mean it is finished with a certain coating that does not absorb liquids.

Fabric, for its part, is an excellent complement to an environment which needs a colourful spot and focal point of attention. Because of the vast array of designs and colours you can find a sofa to suit any type of decor. Additionally fabric sofas will, more often than not, have removable covers, which make cleaning much easier.

Do you want add ons?

Sofa add ons have become increasingly popular in recent times as people look to practically design their own sofa. You can now choose from add ons such as a chaise lounge, recliner or a bed.

Having these functional value-added components allow you to receive guests for an overnight or even a fortnight stay; however you should be prepared to pay a bit more because this entails putting more materials and components (such as nuts and bolts, bars, etc.) to the sofa. Make sure that you have made proper measurements beforehand so that you have enough space for the sofa in its extended form as well.

And remember it is much better looking if you leave at least 18"-20" space both sides of the sofa. Otherwise the room will look very crowded whatever the rest of the furniture is.

Where should you buy from - Online or in physical store?

Many people wonder whether it's best to buy online or in a physical store; in particular people think that buying online means that they don't get a true idea of how their sofa will look or whether it'll be suitable for their home.

However this can mean that consumers pay over the odds, particularly as physical stores have to make the overheads back through inflated prices. Additionally sofa and furniture websites are better than ever in terms of the quality and number of pictures they have for each design; one last point to remember is that sofa websites will additionally provide information as to the fabric and measurements, so there's really no need to worry about receiving a sofa you didn’t expect.

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