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Be more energy efficient with PVCu doors

We’re all looking for little changes we can make to save the planet, but did you know that investing in new PVCU doors for your home could make a big difference? With so many different types of doors out there to choose from, you might be wondering why you should choose PVCU and what its benefits are. Just take a few minutes to read our handy guide to PVCU doors and see why they could be the perfect choice for your home this year.

What are PVCU doors?

PVCU is a material which is wrapped around a galvanised steel core to make doors that are much stronger than traditional hardwood doors. PVCU doors are not only tough and extremely secure, they’re also incredibly easy to maintain and clean and only require a wipe with a damp cloth every so often to keep them looking their best.

Unlike wooden doors, they won’t rot, warp or peel with age, and because of their low cost and long life span, they’re a great way to add value to your home without spending a fortune, making them a popular choice with homeowners and property developers across the country.

Whilst you could once only purchase PVCU doors in boring, bland white, today you can choose from a range of colours to complement your home’s existing architecture, or even opt for a wood grain finish if you’re looking to recreate the look of a real wood door.

PVCU benefits

Durability: The main benefit of PVCU doors is that they don’t warp or bend in damp conditions. The UK’s climate is a wet and cold one, particularly during the winter months, and wooden doors can swell in their frame, making them hard to open and close. A warped door could also pose a risk to home security, which is why choosing modern PVCU doors will instantly make your home more secure.

Heat and damp insulation: PVCU doors and windows also provide better insulation from cold and also from noise than traditional doors – these types of doors fit better and so provide more protection from the cold, which could improve your home’s energy rating and even save you money on your fuel bills!

Security: It’s harder for PVCU doors to be forced open, due to their galvanised steel core, and most of them are anti-crowbar. This keeps your home safer and you could even find it reduces your home insurance premiums, as most PVCU doors also come with multi-point locking systems.

Cost: PVCU doors are much cheaper than timber or aluminium doors.

Noise reduction: If you live on a busy road, you will see a great reduction in noise if you change your door to PVCU one. It is estimated down by 70%.

So if you’re considering PVCU doors for your home, there are plenty of benefits to consider, and bear in mind that these doors are usually significantly cheaper than wooden doors – plus, they will cost you less to maintain! Just make sure you buy your PVCU doors from a reputable website, and don’t be afraid to ask to see photos of previous work the company has carried out.

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