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Your guide to buying Garage Doors

To most of us, garage doors sound like a rather innocuous item of the home. However they should instead be thought of a vital part of your home security. And due to the hundreds, if not thousands of garage doors on the market, choosing the correct one for you can be a difficult task. There are various factors to consider when purchasing a new garage door and having a little more knowledge on the types of doors available on the market can help you make a more informed decision. Here is our brief guide to buying garage doors.

Types of garage doors

Bespoke, made to measure garage doors

For those that need a particular size of garage door, they may find that only bespoke suppliers will be able to meet their needs. Garage doors can be made in almost any size to fit the opening of your garage. If you’relooking for a made-to-measure door you’ll be able to find companies that either specialise entirely in bespoke doors, or mainstream companies that offer it as an add on service.

Up and over doors

Up and over doors are one-piece doors that open upwards to slide into an end position flat to the ceiling. Alternatively they may also open outwards. Up and over doors are available in various designs, materials and colours.

Up and over garage doors are usually very affordable and easy to fit. One downside of up and over doors that open outwards is that, as they are one piece and swing out, they take up a lot of room when they open which means that you may lose space inside and outside of the garage.

Roller Doors

Roller doors are vertically tracked garage doors which offer great space saving attributes unlike the up and over doors above. Roller doors are available in a choice of colours and materials with manual and automatic remote control electric options. If you have a short drive in front of your house, a roller garage door might be a good choice for you because you can park right up next to the door.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors look like something in between up and over and roller doors. They are vertically tracked like roller doors but they are manufactured in four horizontal sections allowing hinging back inside the garage. And as they open vertically, you can park right up close to them.

Factors to consider when choosing your garage door


Security, as mentioned previously, should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing a garage door. You should consider the material that the garage door is made from. For example, a steel door is likely to be far more secure than one that is made from aluminium.

As well as this you should think about the locking device and how robust it is. Automated garage doors are great because there is no main lock that would be intruders can break. Additionally there is a lot to be said about the cost of garage doors. Cheaper most definitely doesn’t always mean better and after all, what price can you put on keeping your home secure?


Some garage doors come with a set year guarantee. For example, a particularly substantial garage door may come with a ten year guarantee for its major parts. In relation to automated garage doors, you would need to check as to what is and isn’t covered under such a guarantee.


Metal doors are preferred because of their affordable prices, long durability, and resistance to bad weather conditions. There is a vast variety of styles and colours. On the other hand wooden garage doors need more maintenance and have to be treated regularly to last for longer time.

Style of door and your home

It can be difficult to imagine how a particular garage door will look on your house. People can be surprised to find that a traditional house may look great with garage doors that are of a contemporary design. Try and stay open minded when looking through what’s available, and once you think you’re decided, place a photo of your house and garage, next to a picture of the garage doors, whilst rudimentary, this is the best way to see how your doors may look.

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