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Why Walnut Furniture Remains a Classic Choice

Walnut furniture tends to be associated with high quality and luxuriousness, and for these reasons it has been incredibly popular across the world for centuries.

Is walnut furniture expensive?
Since it is so highly sought after, solid walnut furniture can be rather expensive, however paying a little extra usually means you get high quality and long-lasting furniture. Walnut trees are hardwood, meaning it is very robust and makes for sturdy, reliable furniture.

A more affordable option is walnut veneer furniture. Cheaper wood, often with a wavier grain, can be covered with very thin pieces of walnut in order to give furniture the sleek appearance of solid wood. Sometimes it can be difficult to even tell the difference between solid walnut wood and walnut veneer, but once again this comes down to price; you can expect to pay a little more for walnut veneer furniture which looks exactly like solid wood.

The downside of veneer is that the wood which forms the main frame of the furniture may not be as durable as solid wood. If you’re looking for walnut furniture that is sturdy and wears well it may be worth investing in solid wood walnut furniture which will last for years.

Can walnut furniture be stained?
Most high quality walnut furniture will have a clear coat of urethane which protects the wood from scuffs and scratches, whilst accentuating the attractive straight grain. Stains can result in the grain being less noticeable which makes it more difficult to distinguish the wood as walnut. This is why it is a less popular choice for many people.

However, stained furniture has the benefit of the wood being better protected from scratches and other damage. For those who choose walnut for its durability rather than its appearance, it may be sensible to opt for stained walnut furniture in order to help it last even longer.

What is better oak or walnut?
Oak is very often used for many types of furniture while walnut is quite rare and expensive to find. One of the reasons is that walnut is not available in longer lengths but is more durable so this makes it a better choice. Thinking about compromise between quality and price, we definitely think that walnut is the better choice.

What styles of walnut furniture are available?
Walnut is known for holding its shape incredibly well when carved, making it the perfect wood for intricate woodworking. It is therefore commonly used for mantelpieces, headboards, bed frames and ornate wooden chairs where it holds up well to being carved into delicate, intricate patterns.

Simple, contemporary style walnut furniture, without a hint of carving in sight, is also popular with people looking for stylish, modern furniture. Due to it having a very straight grain, walnut lends itself beautifully to this style, and furniture designed with simple, clean lines can look incredibly sleek when built from walnut.

Where can I buy walnut furniture?
You can find modern style walnut furniture in high street stores or online in a range of tones and colours. However, if you’re looking for something more traditional with character and intricate carvings, look for antique walnut furniture; it is often a little cheaper than buying new furniture in this style.

Used walnut furniture may have signs of wear and tear, but it can be sanded down and refinished, either at home or by a professional woodworker. Independent furniture stores often have skilled carpenters who can carry out this work, or who can create custom walnut furniture which suits your décor and budget. This is a great option to consider if you’re looking for truly unique.

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