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Buyer's Guide to Paintballing: Arenas & Equipment

If you're after a high octane, high thrill day out you can't get much more exciting and fast paced as paintballing. It's taken off massively with it even being used by corporations for team days out and even some arenas catering for stag do specials.

You've got the option to play in groups or as individuals and apply different tactics. It's a very fun game although it can be a bit painful (not just when you lose but also if you get hit – expect to get a bruise).

There are many outdoor and indoor arenas to choose from. It's always better to go for the outdoor as the battlefield will be closer to a real life one.

Paintball equipment

You will usually get the equipment at the arena but if you want to get some extra bits to make sure you'll be ahead of the others, here is what you'll need.

1. Paintball markers – this is your gun. Depending on the mechanism and quality you can get one for as cheap as £15. They usually come in packages with balls, masks and other things but if you want to customise every bit of your equipment we recommend you to get them separately.

2. Paintballs – these are the balls that you fire with your gun. They come in different colours to mark the different teams. Paintballs differ in quality – the lower quality ones are harder to break and the higher quality splat in obvious colours very easy.

3. Masks – to be on the safe side that no dye from the paintballs comes into the eye or to not get bruises on you face use a mask or goggles. They can be as small as to just cover your eyes or to be big enough to cover your throat.

4. Additional equipment – elbow and knee pads, gloves and even vehicles. It all depends on how far you want to get into the game.

What should you wear for paintball?

You should wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. You may want to have an extra set of clothes to change into once the game is finished. As for shoes - boots and trainers are most comfortable to play with. Avoid sandals and open shoes.

Paintball arenas

There are many places to enjoy a paintball game but if you're going with younger children make sure that the arena allows kids. The youngest age approved for play is 10 but some places require 12 or 16 years old as a minimum.

For a wide choice on arenas near you, go to Virgin Experience Days. It will locate all fields around you. Their prices start from just £9.99 including equipment but if you need extra balls you'll need to pay £6-£10 for 100 balls depending on pur chosen location. There are many game scenarios to choose from and that's a full day of fun guaranteed.

If you are looking for paintballing equipment, try with Amazon. There are many amazing, low cost deals to be had.

Make sure you compare arenas and game modes in advance. We're sure you'll have a great day packed with fun.

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