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City Breaks: Explore the world on city at a time

Whether you're looking for a weekend away or a two week break, city breaks have much to offer many; from those that are looking for a hustling and bustling location, to those that prefer cities with charm and wonderful architecture; in this guide we introduce you to the main city break destinations in the world, and what they have to offer.

European City breaks

European city breaks are perfect for those that have only a short amount of time for their trip.

The following cities all have flight times of less than two hours, and offer some of the most cost effective options for a city break trip abroad. Other cities within Europe can take anything up to 4 hours to reach.


Prague is the beautiful capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is famed for its architecture and rich culture. This location is a favourite of families and stag parties alike. There are few places that can proclaim to be so popular to both of these groups. Prices for Prague can start for a little over £100.


Paris is known as the most romantic city in the world, and rightly so. With beautiful buildings, scenic surroundings and some of the finest food and drink in the world, this location has truly earned its title. Prices start from around £150, but you may find last minute deals for under this figure. Barcelona

Barcelona is known as the city of bull fights, food and passionate culture. It is worth to visit Barcelona as there are plenty of architectural and cultural sights to visit so you can feel the spirit of the city. Prices start from around £100.

Going further afield for your city break

For those that want to go further afield, you're probably going to want to take at least 4 days, as the flight lengths can cut into your holiday time. Here are a few top destinations that will provide you with a unique experience.

New York

New York has to be one of the most exciting city breaks in the world. Prices for New York fluctuate, but generally start from around £600, so you may wish to consider staying for as many nights as possible.


Marrakesh is a major city in Morocco. This location is perfect for those that are looking for a little sun during their break. Prices start from around £500, but deals can be found for less if you commit yourself to shopping around.

Preparing for your city break

How much is your budget?

The most important thing to establish before you even start looking for your city break is to know how much you can afford to spend. Once you have that clear, compare offers online. They will usually include hotel rooms and flights. However you need to double check as this is not always the case, and city break deals can vary.


Once you've booked your city break make sure you do a little research on all the city has to offer. Given the short time you'll have you'll want to squeeze in as much as possible. You should also learn about the culture and whether there's any particular etiquette that you should know about.

Think about the practicalities

Following this you'll want to find out about practicalities such as the weather; checking what the weather is expected to be like can help you choose the essential clothes you'll need. Always put a warm jacket in your luggage. Don't panic if you forget anything - you're going to a city so there's bound to be somewhere to get essential clothing from.

Websites for city break deals

TravelRepublic.co.uk is a great website for a wide ranging type of cities and types of destinations from shopping cities to cities by the sea. The prices (including flights) start from £100. For those that have decided that they want to get away at the last moment, LastMinute.com is perfect. With prices starting from £109 (including flights), getting away has never been so easy.

Wherever you want to go, and whatever you want to do, offers for less keeps you up to date with the latest city break offers to some of the most exciting destinations in the world.

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