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A useful buyers guide to bathroom cabinets

Talking about the bathroom the first thing that comes up on our mind is a place with lots of water where we can take care of our hygiene. Besides that it is usually a small space its functionality is something about taking a bit more care than expected.

However, whether you are looking for storage for a dozen loo rolls or a place to park your toothbrush, there is undoubtedly a bathroom cabinet that will fit your need, taste and budget.

There's a whole myriad of styles, sizes and materials, not to mention if it’s wall hung, free standing or a vanity unit. For those that don’t know, a vanity unit is basically a cabinet with a sink incorporated, it has the added bonus of hiding the plumbing as well!

Some thought IS required!
Be practical.
Depending on what you want to keep in the cabinets you can choose such with doors so everything is hidden, or just shelves for frequently used items. If your bathroom isn’t big enough to even squeeze a cat in, fitting a cabinet the size of a chest freezer just isn’t going to work, no matter how much ‘stuff’ you have to put in it. If you’re at risk from losing a limb each time you open the door, maybe you need to rethink it?

Equally, in many modern houses, the walls are just plasterboard and stud, meaning that unless you manage to fix to the wooden studding, hanging a heavy cabinet on plasterboard will soon find you with the contents landing on your feet.

Where to purchase?
You can pick up a bathroom cabinet pretty much anywhere now; large chains of DIY shops, Swedish furniture stores, High street stores that use catalogues and just plain old fashioned furniture shops, a quick look on the internet or even a phonebook will give you many establishments to try.

What should I expect to pay?
Prices range from around £10 upwards, but obviously don’t expect a full handmade mahogany wood cabinet for that sort of price, although as with many things, there are also many places online where you can buy either discounted or end of production line runs. These are usually significantly discounted due to there being no support for them.

Contemporary, Classic, Wood, Metal or Glass?
Personally, I like nothing more than a fairly plain styled, wall mounted, frosted glass cabinet. It is simple and elegant, easy to keep clean and won’t be affected by the humidity that you’d expect to find in a bathroom.

Whilst some of the more expensive wooden cabinets have been treated to cope with such environments, you will generally find that the cheaper wooden ones have had no treatment; something worth remembering if you enjoy your hot steamy baths and turning your bathroom in to a sauna.

Safety first!
Whatever you choose, if it is a wall mounted cabinet, ensure that it is securely fixed and that there is no danger of it falling off. If you’re unsure how to secure it, speak to a local handyman, it’s a very quick job to fix and shouldn’t be too expensive.

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