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A Must Read Guide for Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

All inclusive holidays are the choice of those who just want to have a nice time, relaxing and enjoying the vacation without going around and visiting other places. No less attractive is the fact that you do not have to take a lot money with you which can be a great advantage considering the exchanging rates when travelling abroad. If you’re looking for such cheap deals then this guide will talk you through the tips and tricks of bagging a cheap all inclusive holiday bargain.

Make savings on your all inclusive holiday
Using holiday comparison engines
As a first port of call you should pay a visit to one or two holiday price comparison engines. These cover thousands of holiday operators and you can conveniently compare the marketplace side by side within a matter of minutes.

Should you purchase online or through a travel agent?
Whilst you should most certainly start your search online you shouldn’t exclude travel agents as an option for tracking down a cheap all inclusive holiday. This is particularly true of cheap all inclusive holidays to destinations that are less main stream. In this instance travel agent have contacts and insider knowledge of booking the cheapest holiday.

Holiday Haggling
A little known fact about purchasing a holiday is that travel agents have a litter wiggle room with their prices. For this reason it’s essential that you negotiate with your agent and you should ideally start with a 20% discount. Generally speaking they will have around 10% to play with, so working up from 20% should see you receiveing close to the maximum discount.

Booking at the right time
There are two elements to getting the right timing when booking. First and foremost there is the general time of year, and second there is the time between booking and actually travelling.

In the former instance you should always pay attention to off peak seasons. This will change as according to your destination, but generally speaking the autumn and winter months are considerably cheaper than during the spring and summer months.

In the latter instance you really want to aim for making your booking as late as possible. If you can’t or don’t want to face the uncertainty of waiting until the week before to book then leaving around eight to ten weeks before hand to book should be sufficient for you to still benefit from ‘last minute’ deals. Conversely however there are many operators who offer added extras for booking particularly early. This can range from discounts to upgrades, with early being nine months or more in advance.

If you must travel during the summer holidays…
If avoiding the school summer holiday isn’t an option then you should always aim for the last two weeks of the six week break. This time is generally when most families have taken their holidays already and the demand drops off (along with the higher prices!).

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