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A guide to buying bathroom suites

When considering what bathroom suite you want to buy, you need to bear in mind a few various factors, most of which revolve around storage and how best to use the space you have. This can sound easier than it is to do, particularly as the average family bathroom is only of a moderate size. In this guide we'll look at the main factors to consider when buying a suite for the bathroom.

How do you use your bathroom?

How you use your bathroom should be your main guide when looking at items for the space that you have. If you're a young family, then you'll no doubt need plenty of storage, and, of course, for it to be child friendly. If you're a young couple or live on your own, you may use the bathroom as a place to relax, in which case you may want to apportion a larger budget to a more luxurious bath, a shower that has multiple heads or even a waterproof television.

What design do you want to go for?

Additionally you should remember that just because you're going for a style that is more traditional, you needn't stick to old fashioned and outdated fixtures and fittings. There's many ways in which you can mix traditional with modern, but a key thing to remember is to choose simple designs for the modern features.

What's your budget?

First and foremost you must establish what budget you have to play with. This will ensure that you don't overspend when you see that beautiful (but out of price range) bathroom suite. To this end, many manufacturers offer a price filter on their website, so use it and avoid looking at bathroom suites that are out of your price range.

Bath or shower?

When replacing your bathroom suite, you may want to consider if you want to go for the same set as you had before. For those that previously had a bathroom suite with a bath, it might be wise to consider how often you use your bath; likewise, If you previously had a shower, then you may want to think about whether you have room for a bath.

Measuring your bathroom correctly

Based on your needs, taste and budget you should decide how to organize the space in your bathroom to be stylish but at the same time functional and practical. So considering the dimensions is the next step. When you measure your bathroom you need to ensure that you've taken the measurements correctly. Whilst bathroom suites always come with a return policy, ensuring that it is measured correctly in the first place will avoid the inconvenience of having to return.

Should you replace your floor and wall tiles?

Whilst you may be relatively happy with your current choice of floor and wall tiles, you should seriously consider retiling before your new bathroom suite goes in. This will ensure that you do not have to work around your bathroom suite fixtures in the future when you decide to redecorate.

Do you need additional storage?

If you find that you're constantly running out of space for your belongings in the bathroom then you should consider in-built storage. In particular you should look at sink cabinets, or bathroom "wardrobes" that fit around your basin.

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