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One Day Car Insurance

Anyone who hasn't had the good fortune of trading in their gas-guzzling motor for an old-fashioned pedal bike knows that running costs in 2016 can be astronomical - even for the smallest run-around. Car insurance, in particular, is often hugely expensive, and that means the option of temporary cover (even for as little as one day) ought to be in the back of your mind during the appropriate times.

When to use it

You're making a road trip
If you're travelling a long distance with a few friends then buying some cover for the day can be a great way of dividing up driving duties between all of you. Trust us, one person driving for hours on end usually isn't a good idea.

You're practising your driving
Let's make this clear: driving lessons are best taken under the tutelage of a trained instructor who has a specialist car with pedals on the passenger side. But after you've passed your test, if you're looking to get in a bit of extra practice before buying your own set of wheels, a day spent driving around your parent's motor (with their permission, of course) isn't a bad idea.

Your own car is in for service
If your own car is temporarily sidelined because of a skirmish, or even just set for a bit of surgery that will take more than a day, getting yourself insured on a friend or family member's car for a short time will ensure you don't miss any crucial appointments. Of course, this will depend on whether you can find a train or bus ticket at a cheaper cost.


Remember that any car that you use has to be insured - that means you can't simply top your own set of wheels up with insurance as and when you need it (even if it's only a handful of times a month). One day car insurance is for driving cars you don't usually drive, not your own.

If you intend on driving abroad with your temporary car insurance - you have nothing to worry as soon as Britain is still in the EU. Most companies offer third party cover for their policies within the EU. In the event of Brexit - you will need a green card to prove your insurance abroad and this is not a documents that can be provided on a temporary policy.

Also keep in mind that insurance providers will generally apply the same scrutiny on one day packages as they do on twelve month ones. Unfortunately, if you're a young driver fresh out of the test centre, or someone with a history of collisions, your pro rata premium won't get any cheaper even though you're, theoretically, probably going to be spending less time on the road.


The main providers of temporary road cover in the UK are Day Insure and Insure Daily, both of which will cover drivers as young as 19-years-old. Day Insure offer a more generous package, as they will cover vehicles with values of up to £60k (Insure Daily have a limit of £45k).

You can also find a one day package with Aviva, and although they offer a more comprehensive service they will only insure drivers of 21-years-old or more.

Most providers will offer short-term packages for up to a month (and sometimes as many as three), but as a general rule if you need a car for more than a couple of weeks you're better off opting for a permanent deal.

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