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Young Drivers' Car Insurance

Driving for the first time is a stressful enough experience as it is. Throw in the added financial pressure of premium-rate car insurance, and it's no wonder that so many young people these days are prepared instead to settle for public transport.

But it doesn't have to be so daunting. Whilst discrimination against younger drivers - however fair or unfair you perceive it to be - is probably going no where any time soon, there are ways that those inexperienced on the road can save a few pennies.

First things first - don't be a statistic

True: it is unujust in some cases that absolutely all young people are thrown in the same basket, and perceived as reckless or more dangerous on the road as a result - but there are reasons for it.

About one fifth of all teenagers make an insurance claim - which is significant compared to the rates that predominate in the population as a whole.

As such, our first tip is to make sure you get as much practice in as you can. In the long run, you will be helping to change the stereotype of teenage drivers as speed merchants concerned only with impressing their friends, but there are practical benefits too. If you have additional certification, you are likely to get a lower premium as a result.

Do you share a car?

A lot of teenagers getting behind the wheel for the first time will naturally be sharing their car with their parents - which is bad news for the parents but potentially good news for their kids.

By sharing an insurance package, the premium applied will essentially meet somewhere in the middle, so that you will ultimately be paying less than you would were you to have your own car.

Of course, this is a general rule but by no means a cast iron guarantee. The insurers will obviously show an interest in who will be driving the car more frequently, and most likely ask you to appoint a "main driver" (and, needless to say, if it's you rather than mum or dad, you're going to be paying more.

Choosing your car

Yeah, we get it: you've just passed your test and you want a cool-looking set of wheels with which you can blow away all of your friends. Try and be a little more sensible than the average 17-year-old though.

Most people aged between 17 and 24 (that being the time of your life at which insurance is typically most expensive) will have to fork out somewhere in the region of £1200 annually for their car insurance.

By choosing a more modest, no-frills car, however, you can easily get that down to just £800. Smaller, two-door models from the likes of Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Citreon, Volkswagen and Peugeot are typically among the cheapest to insure.

And hey: it can't hurt to give your insurance company a call to see if they have any recommendations themselves.

Monthly payments or?

Beware of monthtly payments as it may work out quite expensive to loan this amount from the car insurance company. It's always cheaper to pay the whole amount as a lump sum in the beggining of the policy but this however is not always affordable. Work out which loan will be cheaper for you - may be use your credit card if the APR is less than on the loan from the insurance company.

Young driver exclusive insurance

If you can't find a deal that works for you with the major companies, don't be afraid to look for an insurer specifically aimed at young or inexperienced drivers.

Only Young Drivers - which has a handy app and rewards good driving (giving you plenty of incentive to stay out of any skirmishes, if there weren't enough already) - is one such example. They currently offer free quotes online in an easy-to-digest way that is perfect for those who have only just passed their test and can't wait to get driving.

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