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Be the most stylish parent with Bugaboo Prams

As every parent will know, transporting your child, running errands and taking public transport can be nothing short of a nightmare. You can struggle with curbs, fight with your pram’s catches and battle with the elements if harsh rain or sun breaks out. In their own words, and put quite simply ‘Bugaboo means mobility’. Whilst this sounds like a given for those before children, after children it can be a god send. In this review we look at how Bugaboo Prams tackle those day to day challenges that have the potential to stop you in your tracks.

Where Bugaboo Prams came from

Bugaboo is a company that emerged from Holland in the late 1990s. Today their Headquarters are based in Amsterdam and the founders, designer Max Barenbrug and physician Eduard Zanen, continue to work on progressive designs which have taken the pram industry by storm.

The Bugaboo Pram range

Bugaboo Camelon

The Bugaboo Camelon is designed to be as small as possible and as light as possible, meaning that it is easy to lift, transport and hide away even the most crowded of houses. As with all Bugaboo Prams it can adapt to any terrain with ease; from woods with bumpy terrain, to cities with smooth pavements and high curbs.

Bugaboo Donkey

The Bugaboo Donkey comes in three models: The mono, duo and twin. All of which can adapt to the terrain and has a handy storage on its side or in the middle for the duo and twin models, which is an ideal solution to the age old habit of hanging bags off pram handles.

Bugaboo Bee

The Bugaboo Bee is the pram that is designed primarily for urban adventures. Whilst it can adapt to all terrains, its design is particularly suited to city living. Its main feature is the unique seat that swivels, reclines, turns around and extends through a simple button click process.

Bugaboo Fox

The Bugaboo Fox is especially suited to those parents that live life to the full and frequently go for walks and come across more demanding terrains. This pram is perfect for long walks, busy days in an urban setting, sandy beaches and bumpy woods. Additionally it has ultra light weight and still it is strong and offers great comfort to the new born.

Bugaboo Ant

The features of this pram make it the best choice for travellers - it has ultra light weight, small sizes, compact fold/it is a few step process and some find it a bit confusing as may take a lot to practice to learn how/, reversible seat and spacious basket. That's why parents love it, but have to admit its price /with or without the accessories/ is quite expensive.

Bugaboo’s phrase of ‘Bugaboo means mobility’ could not be simpler, and yet it perfectly captures their mission and ethos as a company. For the Bugaboo pram owner it means their day to day lives get easier, even with the busiest day ahead and children in toe. Their stylish designs belie their practicality, and make a Bugaboo Pram an absolute must have item for any parent both for style and grace.

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