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A buyer's guide to purchasing a diamond ring

Diamond rings are one of life's luxuries, and as such, investing in one can be a daunting experience. Not only do you have various grading's to understand (such as the quality of the diamond) you also have to know what you're looking for in terms of the cut, as well as finding a retailer that has a good reputation for high quality items. In this guide we look at the various factors that you must consider when choosing a diamond ring.

Factors to consider when buying a diamond ring

Colour scale

The global standards for diamond’s quality have determined a scale /in alphabetical order from D to Z/ for the colour of the diamonds. According to it the finest quality diamonds are colourless and are graded from D to H. So avoid yellowish tint that is a sign of lower quality. Note that with bigger diamonds it is more visible if there is some colouring than with the small ones.


The clarity of the diamond is not important as the colour, but it is a factor to have in mind when buying. The absence of internal inclusions and surface blemishes make the diamond of a high quality. But they are very rare and only less than 1% of all diamonds are with FL clarity.

Diamond carat

When choosing a diamond ring be sure to find out the carat of the diamond. A diamond's carat is an indication of its weight rather than its size. Larger carat diamonds are inevitably more rare and valuable. Carats range from 0.05 all the way up to 2.

Ready-made or bespoke

Most people choose ready made diamond rings as they offer the utmost convenience (not to mention lower costs) however if you want to design your own diamond ring then there are always companies that offer this bespoke service.

Find your price range

There's no two ways around it: diamond rings are expensive. However by knowing your budget before you start your search for that perfect ring, you'll do yourself a favour and avoid making an expensive impulse purchase that you really can't afford.

Popular cuts of diamond

There are many different cuts of diamonds (e.g. shapes of diamond); here are some of the most popular:

Princess cut diamonds

Princess cut diamonds emulate the traditional square engagement ring cut, however, because of the specific way this shape cuts the diamond, it creates a more brilliant sparkle.

Round brilliant diamond Shape

In today's day and age the round brilliant diamond shape cut has become the most popular type of ring for engagements. In modern times this type of cut benefits from advanced techniques that creates an optimum appearance in terms of clarity and light reflection.

Emerald cut diamond

The emerald cut used to be reserved solely for emeralds, today however this cut has become increasingly popular for diamonds. Its rectangular shape is featured in the more unique rings that are sometimes thought to have more personality than a standard square cut ring.

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