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Swarovski bracelets – Every lady’s must have jewellery item

Swarovski is a brand that instantly invokes the image of glittering diamonds and wonderful jewellery creations.They strike a chord with consumers that look for quality, beauty and affordability, and they offer over 800 products in their extensive jewellery ranges. Swarovski bracelets are amongst the widest range of designs by a single manufacturer; in total, they offer 177 bracelets that come in all manner of styles, colours, designs and shapes. Such a range is unsurprising when we think that Swarovski have been trading for 120 years, as some designs have been in production or decades. In this guide we look at Swarovski as a century old company and how they continue to represent everything that a good jewellery manufacturer should.

A little bit of Swarovski history

Swarovski has been in business for almost 120 years; during that time they have grown from a humble man who made his living through glass cutting to a mutli-national company that produces beautiful jewellery to sell across the world.

Swarovski bracelets – The range today

Swarovski separate their bracelet collections into the following bracelet types: bangles, classic, slake and statement.


Swarovski are well known for the variety of pieces they produce, and rightly so; their bangle range demonstrates their skill at producing items that are entirely dissimilar, apart from their level of quality.

In their bangle range there are bracelets that consist entirely of gold and Swarovski crystals and bangles that are simpler in form for the more average of budgets.


The Swarovski classic bracelet collection follows simple, yet overly beautiful design; they are reminiscent are days gone by and could easily represent bracelets from more classic eras.


The Swarovski Slake collection is a range that has an air of edgey contemporary pieces; they feature bolder, bigger designs that the usual Swarovski understated elegance.

The Disney Collection

All the latest cartoons by Disney come to life with these figurines - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Star Wars, Winnie The Pooh, Frozen. An exquisitely crafted range of Disney pieces for you to collect.


As its name suggests, the Swarovski statement range contains the more outlandish of bracelets. From brightly coloured metals with small shimmering cut glass, to larger bracelets with edgy lines. The range contains pieces for the more adventurous of jewellery wearers. Here you will find Swarovski’s most colourful pieces which are perfect for making a statement.

The Swarovski brand represents quality, beauty and craftsmanship; they continue to grow through producing products that people love and that last a lifetime. Unlike many jewellery makers, Swarovski cater to a range of budgets and amongst their hundreds of items you are certain to find a beautiful bracelet that is both perfect for your wrist, as well as your budget.

Their latest range demonstrates how they continue to evolve their lines to meet ever changing consumer demands. In particular their bracelet range has seen unprecedented success when compared to their competitors with similar lines.

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