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Swatch watches - The watch of stylish arms

Swatch is a brand that is intrinsically linked to quality; having been in business for over 30 years, Swatch are world renowned as a respected Swiss watch maker. During their time they have been responsible for historical milestones, the first of which being their creation of the world’s thinnest watch, the Delirium; with the second being a recapturing of market share from brands Seiko and Citizen.

In fact, such was Swatches impact upon the industry, that they actually ended a crisis known as the ‘quartz crisis’; in short, they put paid to the process of consumers choosing Asian brands over Swiss brands for their watches. It is not an overstatement to say that they saved the Swiss watch making industry from financial ruin.

The Swatch Range Today

Today, Swatch offer over 70 different designs of watches; ranging from chrome big faced and masculine watches, to the slim and ever so elegant lady watches. Their price point in the market represents both a mark of quality, as well as affordability for the average man or woman. Their premium pieces are the Cold Hour watch and the Dark Steel watch; together these make up their ‘Retrograde’ collection; with both being a creation of modern style mixed with timeless sophistication.

Swatch has never been one for staying in the past, and they continually draw on high fashion inspiration and trends of the moment; their irony chrono collection epitomises this notion, where they showcase their watches that draw on the ‘big face’ trend.

Increasingly Swatch has ventured into watches that are more colourful, where they inject character into each and every model they make; their ‘Urban Expression’ range captures their talents perfectly. This collection consists of rubber watches that mix colour with monochrome for a trendy yet cutting edge style.

Their other collections are: the lady collection, the classic range, the Les AnneèsFolles collection and the Swatch Touch.

The future of Swatch

Given the achievements of Swatch through innovation and forward thinking, it is no surprise that Swatch look set to have a bright future. With continually adapting ranges, they really are a company that can provide an entire lifetime’s worth of constantly evolving watches. Their range has grown from specifically catering to men with mechanical watches, to making wonderful children’s watches and digital watches that have the Swatch air of quality.

Swatch watches are laser made and sealed so if something goes wrong - parts can't be changed - the watch needs to be replaced. The good thing is that they usually come with 2 year guarantee on parts so replacement in that period is covered for.

Swatch truly are a watch brand of quality and expertise; had it not been for their conception in the early 1980s, it is a certainty that Swiss watch brands would have been lost forever to the cheaper, lower quality Asian markets. Their range today is wider than ever and yet they still retain that all important factor of high quality products. Swatch Watches are both a brand of the past, as well as the future.

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