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The benefits and uses of Microsoft Office

Whether you’re a business owner looking into software packages that may improve efficiency, or a private individual that has the need for occasional word processing and spreadsheet analysis, Microsoft Office offers something for everyone. This guide will talk you through the programs included in Microsoft Office and how these can benefit businesses and individuals alike.

What programs are included in Microsoft Office?

The Microsoft Office suite includes the following programs: Word (word processing program), Excel (spreadsheet software), Outlook (desktop email client), Publisher (a document creation program that focusses upon design), PowerPoint (a presentation program) and OneNote (an information gathering and team collaboration program).

How Microsoft Office can benefit your business

Microsoft offer a range of 3 monthly packages, ranging from £8.40 to £15 per month. They are specifically designed to be suitable for a certain business size, and they range from small organisations to large enterprises. The options allow a business the choice of cloud based services, the possibility of team sites and management tools that are fitted to suit a businesses goals and objectives.

How Microsoft Office can help your home life

Microsoft Office’s range of programs allow a person to undertake a wide range of tasks from home. From sending and receiving easy to use desktop emails, to thorough analysis of figures in Excel.

The standard home PC or laptop may come with a Microsoft package; however the range of programs will differ from computer to computer. Additionally some may require a separate purchase of the Microsoft Office Suite; generally speaking when purchased a complete version of Microsoft Office should be around £100.

Microsoft Office can be used for free in your browser. The only disadvantage of this is that you need to be online to work with your data. You can also use trial versions of all programs free for a certain period so if you are still wondering - you can give it a try.

What’s more, for those that work from home, or those that are freelance, the Office Suite can meet day to day business needs. For example, Word Office offers advanced editing and formatting of documents that can create professional report or document that can be presented to even the biggest of clients.

Additionally, Outlook not only offers emails, but it can serve as an advanced organiser; allowing you to schedule in events and meetings. It also offers a contact list that can include notes, this is perfect for those that have a large contact base, and need to store little reminders of where they are in their business relationship. More recent advancements in Microsoft Outlook include the integration of instant messengers such as Skype, and outlook apps for mobile devices such as Blackberry and Android phones. In short, it is a program that can be used as much, or as little as you like. From just sending the odd email, to organising you entire life.

Microsoft Office is an extremely useful package of programs that can benefit any business or person’s home life. By learning the programs inside out you can take advantage of all it has to offer.

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