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iPad Mini Review: Was Steve Jobs wrong?

In October 2010, facing a forthcoming ‘avalanche of 7” tablets’, Steve Jobs addressed the concern that Apple was failing to compete with the release of Google’s Nexus & Amazon’s Kindle Fire. He argued that reducing the screen by just 3” in diagonal length would reduce the usability of a tablet significantly, ensuring the wave of miniature tablets were doomed to failure.

Even the greatest of visionaries come up short every once in a while as the success of the mini tablet market proves. For a long time Apple has been used to innovating from a market leader position but the success of the Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire meant Apple were forced to play catch up - and catch up they did.

What’s special about the iPad Mini?

In Jobs’ defence, he did say that screen clarity would help with smaller tablets. The new generation iPad Mini has the same retina display but with True Tone which make it noticeably better. The screen is also precisely 7.9” compared to its competitors slightly, but significantly, smaller 7” screens. It also boasts the same A12 bionic processor as the iPad Air & is the only mini tablet with 64bit architecture resulting in the fastest & most powerful mini tablet on the market.

Up-to-date technology

So new is the technology that even in today’s fast paced environment, the iPad Mini is future-proof for a good few years at least. Wifi speeds run at up to 300mbps (twice that of the previous generation of iPad mini) and mean you can stay well connected at home and on the go without having to pay through the nose for large data packets. Such power must surely drain the battery - you would think - but yet again Apple come out on top with a full charge lasting 10 hours. Add to that the new iPad mini is 3 times faster than the previous generation and there is no room for doubt that the iPad Mini is mini tablet of choice for those that want the best.

Is its superiority reflected in the price?

Other tablets like the Nexus can be picked up for around £129 but the iPad Mini is really in a class of its own. It defeats every other mini tablet on the market in terms of beauty, power, performance & usability (Apple’s iOS is incredibly intuitive so new users needn’t be concerned). The iPad Mini is essentially a lightweight (just 300g) more portable & vastly more affordable version of its full-sized brother. The iPad Mini with Retina Display will cost around £380 from reputed stores.

If the smaller screen is fit more your purpose and you are looking for the ideal tablet to carry on the go then search for the best deals for the iPad Mini online using comparison & price check websites and see if you can find yourself a bargain.

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