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Tips for when buying a tablet computer

You may be looking for a PC tablet because your smartphone screen is not big enough to view documents, watch videos, draw pictures and surf the web or your laptop is too big to be used wherever you go. So, tablets are the most practical choice for these purposes. You can also get tablets for your kids to play games or watch their favorite cartoons. But how can you buy the right option from a market that is filled with a wide range of PC tablets in different shapes, sizes and operating systems. In order to narrow your list, keep away from bad options that are not based on a strong operating system. There are five brands to consider when you decide to buy a good tablet. Apple comes first with its powerful IOS system if you have no budget limitations. You can also consider a Microsoft tabletthat is based on full windows. Other android based alternatives from Huawei, Amazon and Samsung are also recommended.

Latest tablets on the market
After determining the best 5 alternative brands for a PC tablet, here are some their best latest
models to consider in 2020.

Apple iPad Air

The iPad Air may be the best option in the market if compared to other tablets at its price category. It comes with a large screen for multitasking purposes, attractive design and a long battery life. It includes a smart connection software that allows you to use a third party option such as the Apple’s Keyboard cover. The front camera is great to provide videos and selfies at high quality. The rear camera is not as good as the front one but it is fair enough for an affordable
Apple device. It costs about £479 for the 64GB version and about £629 for the 256GB version.

Huawei MediaPad M5

The MediaPad M5 comes as a competitor to the iPad pro and the Galaxy Tab S4. It may not be as good as these two devices but it is considered a strong alternative for those who can’t afford their cost. Just ignore the initial cost of the Huawei MediaPad M5, its price has dropped dramatically to be about £299 instead of £500. With the 10.8inch screen and the 4GB Ram, you will easily use it for multitasking. Furthermore, it comes with a 64 GB storage to store whatever you want. A tablet for £299 with these capabilities is an excellent choice to consider.

Apple iPad Mini 5

While the iPad Mini 5 is approximately identical to the iPad Mini 4 in terms of design, dimensions and display resolutions, there are a lot of improvements in inside specs. The new edition is operated by the latest IOS 12 and supported by the new bionic A12 chip that is included in the 2019 iPhone lineup. The 5th edition of the iPad Mini is also provided with an 8MP rear camera to photograph great photos and videos. The storage is also 64GB. For those who prefer smaller tablets, the 7.9 inch iPad Mini 5 deserves to be your choice. It costs about £384 which is a reasonable price for its specs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The galaxy tab S4 could be the best Android tab you can get if compared to its Android alternative.So, it is a pricy option to get. It costs about £449. However, it also attracts buyers with its 10.5 inch screen that is supported by a 2,560 x 1,600 resolution display, a snapdragon 835 processor that will help you to handle your task quickly, and the creative DeX software that enables the Galaxy Tab S4 to function like a PC. This PC tablet could even replace your laptop if your usage is basic. If you are looking for a tab to replace your laptop outside and you afford to pay a higher price, the Galaxy Tab S4 could be the best option.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

While the Galaxy Tab S4 is trying to be like your laptop, the Surface Pro 6 could be considered a real portable laptop. It is operated by windows 10 and supported by great specs like the Intel core i5-8250U processor and the internal storage that ranges from 128 GB to even a TB. All of these are
as similar as specs of a powerful laptop. You can use the Surface Pro 6 already as a Laptop by using its separate keyboard but unfortunately this keyboard is not included. So, you will be required pay a separate price to get this keyboard. A £709 is costly for a PC tablet, but it is encouraging for a tablet that could be used as a 2-in-one PC.

Amazon fire HD 8

The Amazon fire series of tablets are considered the least costly but practical as well in the market.
You can find models that are sold for only £50 but the 8th edition is the most recommended. It costs about £80. It absolutely doesn’t perform as well as Apple and Microsoft options. But you can get it for your kids or even for yourself if your work is not too much and you want to benefit from
the price fraction.

Tips to consider before buying a PC tablet Buying a PC that is not matching what you really need could be a either a useless or a waste of money if you didn’t select the right one. So, you should at first consider some factors before
buying a PC tablet.

  •  Your workload: if you only need a PC tablet to surf the web, watch videos and play light games, it is a waste of money to pay £969 for the iPad pro. In contrast, if you want a device for high-end games and 4K display, the Amazon fire HD 8 will not afford what you are looking forward to have and you will throw it away. So, make sure to determine what you
    want before buying your PC tablet.
  •  Required storage: tablets usually come with different storage options. But the more storage
    it offers the more money it costs. If you want to save money, you may try to buy an option
    with less storage. But this is not wise if you really want to store a lot of files. So, in order to
    not thinking about changing your tablet in the future because the storage is not enough,choose a storage option that covers all your needs.
  •  The operating system: Android, IOS and Windows are all different operating systems. If you had used to one of them, selecting a PC tablet that is operated with a different operating system may be a difficult to use one. So, it is recommended to stick on the operating system
    that you are familiar with.
  •  Wi-Fi only ore Cellular: if you are using the internet regularly and everywhere, a tablet thatonly get access to the internet by only the Wi-Fi will be useless. So, you should sacrifice an additional cost to get the cellular version.
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