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Since the introduction of the Xbox in 2001 and its release in the UK, it began to seize a large market share until being the second most sold gaming console after the PlayStation brand. The Xbox 360 and Xbox one are the most common consoles in the last years. While the Xbox 360 has been in the market for a longer period than the Xbox one, the later achieved more sales in the UK exceeding 4.6 million of sold units. In 2020, Microsoft claims to release the most powerful console in the world. So, what is it? What make it different from previous consoles and for how much will it be released?

Latest Xbox on the market

 The latest Xbox to consider in 2020 is the Xbox On e X. with this console, you will enjoy a 4K gaming based on the 4K technology that is intercepted to be the most suitable for gaming consoles. Microsoft believes that the Xbox One X will beat other competitors from Nintendo and PlayStation. If you compare it to the PlayStation 4, you will find it coming with a 6 of internal graphical computing power compared to the 4.2 of the PlayStation 4. There are many updates in this console, the vapor chamber cooling system that keeps the Xbox silent even while playing top games in UK, a new HDD to load faster, HDMI ports and 3 USB slots. But, the reason why the Xbox is expensive is its ability to play games in High dynamic range at 4K resolution compared to the standard console that was playing games in 1080p.

 Specifications that are added to the Xbox One X for top performance include the following: • 12 GB Ram • 4K UHD Blu-Ray optical disk drive • 2.3 GHz AMD Jaguar 8-core processor • AMD Radeon 1172 MHz operating at 6 of internal graphical computing power • 1 TB HDD storage

Xbox One X versus Xbox One S

 If you already have an Xbox One S and you feel satisfied by what you have, you just need a simple comparison between it and the newly released Xbox One X. Regarding design, it will be based on your evaluation. Unlike the white finish of the One S, the One X is totally black. Size of the new Xbox is smaller than the older one but it is a little bit heavier. Considering performance, there is a great difference between the two consoles. The One S had claimed to increase the resolution from 1080p to 4K, but it wasn’t a real 4K. In contrast, the One X provides a real 4K gaming experience. Furthermore the big difference in performance, the One X can run games of the One S but at 4K resolution.

Xbox One X prices The standard price of the Xbox One X is £450. While some retailers are sticking on this price, you can find better offers in other stores with discounts that ranges from £100 to £150. So, if you find it sold for £300 somewhere, you are recommended to make use of this chance.

Top Xbox games to consider in 2020

There are a wide range of Xbox games to consider, here are 6 of these games that will definitely attract gamers

Halo Infinite

 Halo infinite will be launched in 2020 holiday. Gamers who had played Halo 5 that is released in 2015 for the Xbox one and enjoyed the adventure of the Master Chief can’t wait for a new Master Chief adventure in 2020. The adventure will be based on the future next generation. But in general, it is about wonder, humanity, community and heroism.

Gears of War 4

 The word “spectacular” is not enough to describe how fantastic is the graphic of this new chapter of Gears of War. It is introduced with 4K graphics and HDR. So, it will only be available for the Xbox One X. the story of this game is driven from the past in a time when there is a war between humans and deadly aliens. You and your team will be required to control an unknown gear in order to help humans with their war.

Forza Horizon 4

 Forza horizon 4 could be played alone or with a team. You will explore roads and historical places of the Great Britain with accessibility to more than 450 cars of over 100 licensed manufactures. You will explore places that you have never visited in the Great Britain like valleys, castles, and lakes.Race, collect cars and modify them to the way they will represent a horizon superstar.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

 The success of the second chapter of Resident Evil Remake has encouraged its publisher to introduce the third chapter for 2020. The story of the game is also representing the disaster happening in the Raccoon city when a cannibal virus overrun the city yielding a new powerful enemy. Jill and other specialists at the police force will have to cooperate in order to destroy the enemy.

Cyberpunk 2077

 After the success of the Witcher, its developer comes again to impress gamers with the Cyberpunk 2077. It will be also an open world but in the future when crimes take different shapes. You will take the role of a mercenary who will take the responsibility of facing these crimes. The more jobs you accomplish the more respect you gain and the more people buy your gig. What is more exiting about this game is that you will pass your missions by your own way.

Watch Dogs Legion

 Watch Dogs is a popular game released by Ubisoft and assured its success due to gamer’s reviews. In 2020, the new chapter of this game is expected to impress gamers like it always does. You will find a lot of characters to select from to participate in certain campaigns in the streets of London. Online playing is also available with up to 4 co-operative players. When you buy the new Xbox One X and plan to supply it with new games, make sure to view trailers at first to make sure you select games that will make you enjoy your time. Some of the proposed games may not be of your favorite kinds. So, after viewing trailers, your will pay money on the right collection.

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