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Learning How To Drive

Getting a driving licence is perceived by many teenagers as a rite of passage into adulthood. Like all rites, this one also needs preparation. A successful driving test is impossible without quality driving lessons with a talented and predisposing instructor. How to choose the right driving school, the right instructor and have them at an affordable rate?

How many lessons?

What you have to first identify is the number of lessons that you need. If you are a beginner, then you naturally need to pass a full course of driving lessons. A driving skill refresher or preparations for another category would, in general, mean fewer lessons but you should still have to consult to that end with any or all of your potential driving lesson providers. Normally learner drivers need average 45-47 hours of driving and about 20 hours of practise.

Proximity and success rate

While a driving school may be the best in the city, you will hardly find it convenient to attend it if it is far away from your home or office. Therefore, searching for the nearest schools in your area. Once ready with the shortlist, check out the success rate of students of each shortlisted driving school. This important statistics should be available in the nearby driving test centre.

Online driving lessons

Many driving schools have complemented their education with e-learning modules. This training virtually puts you behind the wheel and helps you deal with various situations on the road at literally no risk for you. If you find this tool useful, then the driving school offering such training might come on top of your priority list.

How much per hour?

Competition has prompted most driving schools level their rates and now they hover around the £12 per lesson. Check whether the prices of schools on your shortlist are close to this benchmark. To cut costs down even further, look out for discounts for buying several, say 10, lessons at a time.


Red Driving School offers discounts of up to 15% if you buy 10 or 20 lessons. Beginners can also enjoy two lessons for the price of one or four lessons for the price of three. The school is open for beginners, lapsed learners and for people willing to refresh their skills.

The driving school of AA can make you fit for a driving and instructor test alike. Just fill out the form, find out its prices and if you find them acceptable, book and drive.

BSM has published extensive information about would-be drivers, including things you should know about the theory test. Read, assess and decide if this is the right school for you.

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