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Reach Out to the World with Web Design

Of the many information and marketing tools with which you can reach out to existing and potential clients, online presence is among the most powerful and distinctive. Presently, a website is technologically equipped to harbour any media and software: text, sound, photo, video, interactive surveys and content management systems. Adding to that web designers' growing ability to develop sleek and intuitive architecture, website owners can be sure that any information will be at most three clicks away.

Static or dynamic

Among the many decisions you are to make, the first most important is: static or dynamic. The former, brochure-type solution, is fit for small companies which need to put on display basic information such as description of services, pricing and contact details.

If, however, you would like to have your content continually updated, for example, the news, products/services and banners section, surveys or client accounts, then it is a dynamic solution that you need.

Standard or custom

Web designers have not been in business since yesterday. Years of work have resulted in effective standard designs which, after colour and pattern adjustments, can be put to good use by any SMB. The custom solution, for its part, is for individuals and companies alike looking for and capable of affording unique presence time- and moneywise.

New or upgraded

You have to also decide your starting point. Would you like to start from scratch or you would just need an upgrade of an already existing website? It is advisable that you take this decision after consulting your web designer. This market niche is closely interlinked with a rapidly and continually changing environment; hence, keeping abreast with the latest innovations would most likely mean that you go for a brand new design. It is worth consulting which ones you would need to avoid looking obsolete.


Prices for web design vary a lot and it all depends on the extras you would like included. Expect rather different price ranges if you are launching a basic website, and ecommerce one or a site with blog, forums, etc.

Prices are also dependable on how urgent your website is.


SimpleSite is the dream of people looking to build a website in minutes. It takes just a couple of simple steps: put your name and email, choose a design and that's it.

ApprovedWebSiteDesigners can broker support in finding the right provider among a selection of website designers. Complete a brief survey, receive free quotes and then choose your partner.

With SamsonWebDesign you have all information at a glance: you have tentative designs, prices and an approach oriented to the type of business that you do. Whether you are looking for corporate presence, an efficient e-commerce solution, a top position in search results, Samson is there to assist you.

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