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Web Hosting tailored around you

The world has changed; technology has advanced at such a pace that the world of today is nothing like the world of a decade ago. The internet has reached a point of no return. It is more demanding, larger and more powerful than ever. Billions of websites fill the Internet to provide immediate access to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Such technology provides businesses around the world with unprecedented opportunities, yet many choose insufficient web hosting for their needs; leaving their visitors with unreliable, slow and temperamental experiences.

Today, web hosting should be regarded as the foundation of an effective web presence. It should serve as a basis from which to run a company’s online home. Robust web hosting is particularly important for those that wish to run complex and demanding websites, with thousands of pages and products; and for those that have simple websites, the important of uninterrupted uptimeand enough disk space to develop in the future is a must have.

In addition to this, for any business, a website linked email address must be reliable; a bad email client means unhappy clients for the business of today.

The ‘free and unlimited’ deal

In an effort to attract you as a client, many web hosting companies will always try and tempt you with offers of unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic, unlimited number of e-mails and free domains. Whilst genuine ‘free and unlimited’ web hosting deals are great, you must always be aware that there are no hidden charges in amongst the web hosting terms and conditions.

Web hosting and money back guarantees

If you’re still uncertain as to what your options are when choosing web hosting, then simply bare in mind that companies who offer ‘money back’ guarantees are generally more ethical than the ones that don’t. You should additionally check the terms of conditions of any web hosting contract, for hidden clauses, as there are inevitably, as with any industry, some web hosting companies that are nothing short of unscrupulous.

Web hosting that is tailored to your needs

Because of the unique way businesses approaches their websites, web hosting packages are designed to suit varying levels of usage. For example, the sole trader may only require a certain amount of email accounts and disk space, whereas a corporation such as eBay would require unlimited disk space, email addresses, sub domains and bandwidth.

Web hosting interfaces

For companies that will be operating and interacting with their own web hosting ‘back end’ to update their websites, it is vital that the choice of interface be considered when looking at what web host providers have to offer. The complexity can range from dealing with advanced software known as FTP programmes, where you upload HTML and other files directly, to those that provide user friendly interfaces that can be similar to operating your computer’s programmes.

The best web hosting services?

This is our selection with the top 10 web hosting services for the last year. They all have their advantages and disadvantages so compare and choose the one that will suit your needs best:

- Bluehost

- InMotion Hosting

- HostGator

- Hostinger

- GoDaddy

- Tsohost

- Wix

- SiteGround

- Hostwinds

- Weebly

Offers for less ensure that our visitors always know of the best website hosting deals. We’ll never charge for bringing you the latest reviews on products and services that you should know about.

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