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Buyer's Guide: Watching Movies Online

There are so many of them that you want to see and it is close to impossible to buy them all. A novel way to see all top-rated movies from the recent and more distant past is online, in return for a pleasingly affordable subscription for watching movies online.

Full device compatibility

The great part about it is that you can watch a movie from any device capable of connecting to the Internet and of streaming video, this meaning your tablet, PC or smartphone. Your TV set and home theatre can complement the spectrum of electronic devices by using an HDMI cable and connecting them to an Internet-connected source.

It's always your call

The beauty of it all is that you are to decide what is it that you want. You are not dependent on a TV schedule and you no longer need to wait long hours before the start of your movie. Just on the opposite, you have the freedom to go to the website of your preferred online movie provider and browse to the item that you wish to see. If you have no specific title in mind, do browse by genre, collections or simply type the name of your favourite actors and actresses to reach the movie releases with them starring.

Promotions and prices

The monthly subscription for hits and ever-greens alike almost always comes with a complimentary free trial (usually for the first month) and 50% discount for the first three months. This being the standard pricing conditions, check for specific terms and clauses. Free trials are available with almost every provider so watch out for one of these first to decide if you want the service for yourself.


Usually, you are going to be entitled to restrictions such as an 18+ age limit, a maximum number of registered devices and maximum number of devices which can stream movies at a time.

The biggest 3

At Netflix, you have content both for kids and adults. To ensure that you have come across to the right partner, see the company profile section before moving onto subscription issues. Next, see how Netflix works and the devices it supports.

With nowTV, you face an avalanche of titles on end. See what is on, read the blurbs, research who's starring and only then select what your movie treat will be tonight. Make sure you are aged 18 and above

As for SkyStore, just go to the Find Movies and then choose the movies of your liking (over 1,000+ available to rent instantly), pay for your subscription and you are ready for your Internet movie experience.

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