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How to choose the perfect conservatory

Conservatories are an approved extension to the house and currently no permission is needed if you want to build one for yourself. There are some regulations and guidelines that you need to stick to when planning a conservatory but other than that – you're free to design it.

Conditions for Planning Permission

- They have to be built on ground level, but it can't be placed at the front or the side of the house and not higher than the roof of the house or 4 meters for a single storey conservatory.

- Conservatories must be less than 30 square metres but must not extend by more than 3 meters beyond the rear wall of a semidetached house and 4 meters for detached house.

- The conservatory must have 50 % glazing on the external walls and 75 % for the roof.

- The connection between the house and the conservatory to be made by French or patio style doors.


Depending on the glazing there 3 different build types used for conservatories:

Dwarf wall – this type has 60 cm brick wall on which the glazing panels are placed.

Full height glass – It usually has full height glass panels for side walls.

Full height raised panels

Conservatory Styles

1. Lean to conservatories – They are called lean-to as the roof of the conservatory slopes down from the rear to the front of the conservatory.

2. Edwardian (Georgian) – rectangular design with a ridged roof for an optimal use of space.

3. Victorian – this type of conservatories have a half rounded end with a choice of three of five facets. The roof is ridged. They look lovely and the only issue is with the furniture placement in the half rounded section.

4. P-shape or T-shape – for maximum use of spare space at the back of the house as soon as you can financially allow it.

5. Lantern top – This type creates a very oriental look for larger conservatories.

6. Bespoke – this is the type of conservatory that has the best layout for your requirements.

Note that there is a slight difference between conservatory and orangery. They both do not need building permissions and their walls consist mainly from glass. But the roof of the orangery has a solid part with glass area, while the roof of the conservatory is only from glass.


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