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Guide to Damp Proofing

In the UK, notorious for its frequent rain showers, homes unfortunately have one feature in common. They are all plagued by damp and their owners need to beat the damp beast with appropriate damp proofing. Unless you have already tackled this problem, take appropriate measures to protect your home and your health (dampness, as you might know, is the root cause for many medical conditions). In the worst case scenario, damp can cause such significant damage that a building’s structure is actually compromised, so it is vital that once identified, damp problems are dealt with swiftly.

Types of damp

Rising damp

Rising damp is where water from the ground enters a building; once this water is within a building, it moves through the building in sometimes unpredictable ways.

Penetrative damp

Penetrative damp is where water enters a building and moves through walls either horizontally or from a higher to a lower level. Usually penetrative damp is caused by defective parts of a building’s extension.

Damp proofing – A step by step guide

Signs of rising damp

- Rotting skirting boards,
- Crumbling plaster,
- Rotting timber floors,
- Peeling wall paper.

Signs of penetrative damp

- Damp patches on walls, ceilings and/or floors,
- Damage to plaster,
- Rotting timber.

Surveying: Establishing what is causing the damp

Dampness, too, has many causes. To identify it, it is best to perform a survey with the help of a damp proofing specialist. He/she will best see whether you are to deal with rising damp, condensation, penetrating damp, whether it is dry rot or fungi or anything in between. What is more, he/she will also know how to deal with it.

Your options for solving damp problems

Once the problem is registered, it is important that you identify the right solution to the problem. Usually, you will have to choose between several major types of damp proofing. The chemical one sees the injection under pressure of special chemical agents into cavities and holes. By laying a membrane on the damp-affected floor or walls, from the inside and/or outside, they get physically insulated from the direct impact of moisture. Electro-osmotic treatment, for its part, is a solution which runs small electric current and, thus, keeps moisture away from your home. Damp proof membrane is durable waterproof material which forms a barrier to prevent the moisture transmission. It is thick only 0.3 mm and is placed under the concrete slab usually 15 cm from the ground.

The costs of damp proofing

Your damp proofing solution depends, among others, on the type of your house, the extent of damage, the damp proofing solution you have chosen. If the latter entails several operations, such as excavating soil, placement of damp proofing material itself, then laying soil back and putting asphalt or slabs, the cost will rise even further. While having these in mind, the last say will have the damp proofing specialist after having conducted an on-site analysis of the damage and figures out the forthcoming work to be done.


Delta Membrane Systems

With Delta Membrane Systems, you opt for the membrane layering solution with a thirty-year guarantee. You will be paid a visit by a holder of a "Registered Installer" certificate which this damp proofing specialists issues to professionals covering the requirements.

South Eastern Damp Proofing Ltd

South Eastern Damp Proofing Ltd. know how to treat rising damp, condensation, woodworms, dry and wet rot and basement/cellar tanking. You can also take advantage of a £50 voucher should you refer a relative, friend or neighbour.

Wise Property Care

At Wise Property Care, there is a diverse range of solutions to choose from. Whether chemicals, membranes, slabs or any other material, you can find all these at a cost you can have after the survey is completed.

Whilst damp proofing can turn out to be a relatively significant investment, it will be a far more costly experience if you leave the situation to stand. If you have problems with damp, look into fixing it today!

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