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A Complete Guide to scouring the Part Time Jobs market

The country is reportedly emerging from the financial crisis with more people in employment than ever before for; however for the part time job seeker it can still seem like an impossible task to even secure an interview, let alone the actual job position. However, many such job seekers are aware of barely half of the resources that they have at their disposal and here we tell you all about how you can effectively scour the part time jobs market and find a position that is perfect for you.

What part time job are you looking for?
The part time jobs market is now more varied than ever. More and more employers are looking for flexible staff in relation to the hours that they work and so the part time jobs market incorporates industries that range from hospitality to office work. Part time jobs offer the same entitlements a full time job does. The only difference is that the amount of sick days available is based on the hours done every week.

Being relatively open to the type of part time job that you’re seeking is the first step in finding your perfect position. The second step is to then carefully consider how your previous employment and life experience gives you the edge over other candidates. From here you can tailor your CV and cover letter to the potential employers you’ll find in the next steps.

Working part time gives you more time to care for yourself or your family. It has become a very popular choice recently and is recommended if you want to reduce the stress in your life.

Joining CV websites
CV websites are a great resource for part time jobs. Not only do they list thousands of employers and positions, but they also automate the part time job search for you. You can then set your profile to receive daily job alerts, ensuring that you are one of the first to apply for any suitable positions that arise. CV Websites can also see employers seeking you out if your profile is deemed to be of interest. For this reason you should not only take time in getting your CV right, but also carefully consider your profile photo and the working of additional information provided via your profile description.

Using notice board websites
Notice board websites are frequently used by all manner of companies seeking employees and because of the low cost of advertising on such websites the types of jobs span across all industries. You should therefore search websites that are relevant to your area, although you should take care to verify potential employers prior to sending any of your personal information to an otherwise unknown email address.

Checking your local paper
Sometimes the old ways of searching for a prt time are the best ways, so be sure to pick your local paper up on a weekly basis to see what positons are being advertised.

Handing and sending your CV to companies directly
Never underestimate the power of proactiveness. Just because a company isn’t advertising a position doesn’t mean that there isn’t one that is available or that will shortly become so. For this reason you should hand (or alternatively post) your CV to companies that are local to you using a covering letter that is personalised and addressed to them. You should also ensure that you have your CV with you at all times as you never know where a part time job opportunity may arise.

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