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Making the most of Jobsites

Whether you’re looking for your next job or you’re an employer with a vacancy to fill, jobsites can be an invaluable tool if used in the right way. In this guide we talk you through the benefits of using jobsites and how to make the most of them.

If you’re job hunting
Jobsites can be a great tool if you’re looking for your next, or even your first, job. Most job sites offer free general advice and tips so it’s worth perusing this information and making a note of anything that is of particular relevance to your situation. Other benefits of using jobsites include:

Convenience – you can search thousands of jobs all from the comfort of your own home. You can also specify your searches by particular skills and location so you can find jobs close to you. Most jobsites also allow you to sign up for email alerts for instant notification when jobs relevant to you become available, as well as offering CV and cover letter templates.

Speed – jobsites and job hunting online in general allows you to send over your CV and cover letter for any opening in a matter of moments and you can also use the internet to quickly and easily research any companies you’ve applied to.

Saves money – Aas jobsites will ask you for an electronic version of your CV and cover letter and a portfolio of work, if you have one, you can save on printing costs and the cost of posting any applications.

Scope – subscribing to a jobsite can allow your CV to be viewed by potential employers in your field, this can increasing the chances of you finding a job.

General Tips
While job websites are a great way to look for jobs, you can really maximise your chances of being noticed by following these tips.

Regularly update and tailor you CV
By regularly updating your CV and adding new skills you’ve acquired, or things you’ve achieved, you’re demonstrating that you’re serious about finding a job. Also tailoring your CV to a particular role by carefully reading the job description and picking out key words and phrases and using similar terms in your application will give you a leg up on the competition.

Employers are particularly interested in people who have remained active when they are in-between jobs, especially if you volunteer in a related field. For example someone looking for a job in IT may approach a local school or community group and offer to help update or improve their website.

Networking can uncover opportunities that you might not be able to find online. Attending conferences, events and seminars that are related to the field you’re interested in will help you meet the people who matter and allow you to build relationships with them. You can also network online by using LinkedIn a social networking service designed for use by business professionals.

Check your digital footprint
Many employers now search online for extra information about applicants and if they find an embarrassing photo of you on your Facebook account it could put paid to your chances. Check all you social media and any other online accounts you have for and remove anything that could appear detrimental and update your information to make you look more professional.

Recruiting using jobsites
While jobsites are popular with job hunters they are also popular with employers looking to make the right choice for their next addition to the team. Some of the benefits of using job sites to recruit include:

Saves time – as an employer you can post an advert on a job website in no time at all, this means candidates can begin to send in applications within hours of a job being posted.

Saves money – posting jobs to your company’s website will cost you nothing, while posting one on a jobsite will cost a couple of hundred pounds and they are generally active for 30 days.

Widens the choice – compared to traditional methods, using a job website to recruit can mean your ad will reach a much larger audience and be noticed by candidates that might not have otherwise been aware you were hiring.

You can be proactive – as an employer using a jobsite you can take more control over the recruiting process. You can contact candidates directly in real time as well as gaining a valuable insight into the nature of the marketplace and the type of candidate applying for the position.

You can build a database – you can save particular CVs and build a database of candidates and pre-screen any potential talent for the future.

You can start by using most popular job sites like Reed, Monster or Totaljobs. They have offers for a great variety of professional brands and location. But you may also try specialized site for a certain business or local ones.

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