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Getting the best dual fuel deal

With fuel bills that have risen tenfold in as many years consumers quite rightly are forever searching for the best deal. One way to save on fuel bills is to choose a dual fuel package, where your electricity and gas are bundled into one overall package from a singular provider. However, as many consumers have previously found, care needs to be taken to ensure that they’re truly getting the best deal. This guide will talk you through ensuring that you save through dual fuel and the others factors that you should consider when choosing an energy provider.

Using price comparison websites
Price comparison websites should be your first stop when searching for a good energy deal. Here you’ll be able to enter your full details and how much energy you use on a monthly basis, so it’s important to have accurate figures to hand if you’re to get a true picture of what energy provider may be most suitable. That simple and quick action could save you up to £380 per year for 2-3 bedroom home.

Is dual fuel the most suitable option?
Generally providers offer discounts for customers who hold both gas and electricity accounts with them. However there are some instances where dual fuel accounts may not work out to be cheaper. To ensure that dual fuel is suitable for you, use the price comparison websites to separate your gas from your electricity in order to gain quotes from individual suppliers.

There will be no difference in the way you receive your energy. The suppliers use the same pipes and wire and you will not be able to notice any change, except the lower energy bills and that you will be paying only one bill at a time.

Calling providers directly
Whilst the majority of energy suppliers are registered on price comparison websites there will be a select who are not. Establishing the suppliers that serve your area that aren’t found on such websites is vital if you’re to ensure that you’re truly getting the best deal. Frequently these suppliers get overlooked as people presume them to be uncompetitive, when in fact not paying price comparison websites may actually make them more competitive.

Other factors to consider when choosing an energy provider

Do you get locked into a contract?
When you’re looking at the various deals available you need to take care to check whether there is a set length of time that the energy provider locks you into your contract. This generally happens whenever there is a price fix, however it still pays to to double check their packages for a minimum term.

Do you know how much you’re being charged for each month?
Whilst most consumers sign up for a set monthly direct debit, few check their bills on a monthly basis to ensure that their energy usage is correctly recorded. In order to ensure that the your bills are completely accurate you need to thoroughly inspect the amount of usage which is generally displayed on the back of every bill.

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