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Let the light in with beautiful new curtains

Curtains add the perfect finishing touch to your home – warmer than blinds and more practical for winter, they also add a cosy, homely touch and are ideal for any home whether a traditional, period property or contemporary flat. Why not take a few moments to read our guide to curtains and see if they are right for your home?

Types of Curtains

Popular curtain types

The world of curtains can be a confusing one, with many different styles, types and fabrics to choose from. The majority of people reading this will have, at one point or another, come across the confusing issue with how curtains are hung, and it seems that manufacturers are trying to make this easier by producing more in just the loop style. There are plenty of others to choose from, and here are some of the most popular types of curtains that are available to choose from:

• Pencil pleat curtains

• Tab top curtains

• Chrome ring curtains/eyelet curtains

• Slot top curtains

The main difference between these types of curtains is how they attach to the rail. Pencil pleat curtains are usually hung on a plastic track and are a more traditional type of curtain, whereas the other three types use a more modern wooden or metal curtain pole. The type of curtains chosen will depend upon personal taste but also the type of windows – homes with bay windows or irregularly shaped windows may need to install a track rather than curtain poles.

Bespoke Curtains

If you can’t find the perfect pair of curtains online, it’s easy to find a company who will tailor bespoke curtains to fit. This is the perfect way to find curtains to fit an especially large or irregularly shaped window and it’s simply a case of contacting the company with your window measurements and choosing your fabric.

This is particularly popular for people with period properties; for example, Victorian houses are known for having high ceilings, and so people often struggle to find the correct length for their windows.

Curtain materials

The type of material you choose for your curtains will depend upon the season and the type of look you’re trying to achieve. For those looking for privacy and a way to keep out the light, fully lined curtains in a heavy fabric are best. If privacy isn’t an issue and you would like to add a light, airy touch to windows, modern voiles and sheer curtains look great and still let the light in. If you’d like a mixture of both, why not choose blinds and sheer curtains in front of them? Or you could try thick curtains with sheer curtains in the middle?

Heavy curtains are great for winter as the lining means they will retain heat and keep your heating costs down, whereas lighter, unlined cotton curtains provide a fresher look for the spring and summer months. With bespoke curtains it is easier to choose the type of material you would like and have a specific style of curtains tailored to fit your windows.

Beautiful new curtains are a great way to update your living space or add a warm and cosy feel to your home for the winter months.

When buying new curtains you should remember that they have two more advantages except to add warm and cosy look of the room. They are used to control the light coming through the window during the day and night adding even some charm with it. But what buyers usually do not realise is that they also prevent the heat to go out and come in through the windows, thus being energy efficient too.

Cleaning curtains

Whilst many clean curtains by taking them down and washing them, you can save time by steam cleaning them; that way you won’t have to waste time taking curtains down and replacing them with temporary ones.

Buying online versus buying in store

When purchasing curtains it can be tempting to buy them from a physical store. However you’ll generally be paying over the odds in the latter. If you’re concerned that your new curtains brought online won’t suit your room or may not be the correct type or length, then don’t worry, returning items to online sellers is now easier than ever. Just be sure to check the details before you place the order, this should avoid a return all together.

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