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Sim Only Contracts: How To Find The Best Deals

If you have purchased a sim free mobile phone and you already love it, or if you have received one as a gift and you want to keep it, but at the same time you need to change your tariff plan, then there's a solution for you! Go for a SIM only contract.

Sim only contracts have become increasingly popular as telecommunication companies look to ever more inventive ways to attract and retain consumers. Sim only contracts provide the end user with lower costs, as well as the convenience of being able to use their own handset.

If you’re looking into this form of phone contract, then this guide to sim only contracts will introduce you to what they are, and how to choose the best sim only contract for your needs.

Benefits of sim only contracts

Lower costs

Sim only contracts are where a consumer rents only the sim, rather than the sim and the handset. Because the handset is not included, providers do not have a need to cover their costs for this part of the contract, which, in turn, means lower monthly repayments for you.

Contract periods to suit you

The majority of sim only contracts have a 30 day notice period, meaning that you only need to notify your provider that you intend to switch to another deal, and they’ll cancel your contract. Some sim only contracts do however fall under the same general contract conditions as full contracts, meaning that they may be subject to a minimum term which lasts between 12 and 24 months. In such instances, this is a non negotiable part of your contract, so be sure that you’ve picked the best deal for your needs, as come what may you will be stuck with it for the next one to two years.


Finally the good news - oh, freebies! Many network providers will offer free gifts in order to tempt you to sign up, but remember to look beyond the freebies and see if the deal really is the right for you.

Sim only contract providers and resources

Vodafone offer great SIM only contracts with excellent value for money. These deals, as with all sim only contracts, include only the call minutes, texts and data allowance. find out more through the details from the menu on the right.

Three Mobile offer great sim only contracts for your iPhone or Android phone at industry low prices (from as low as £6.90 per month). It is important to ensure that your sim only contract for your iPhone or Android has sufficient data allowance, as these types of phones are known to be continually downloading data. Three Mobile additionally covers a wide variety of mobile broadband deals for your laptop.

An invaluable website to check for sim only deals at a glance is Uswitch; here you can compare all the current sim only plans that are on offer at the moment. Specifically it enables you to see what each provider offers in terms of minute usage, amount of free texts and data allowances.

How to choose a sim only contract

OffersForLess continually stay abreast of the most recent offers and best deals on the market. We do not, and will never!, charge our visitors for the privilege of learning first hand who the hottest providers are at any given time.

Is sim only cheaper than regular contract?

Sim only contracts usually last only 12 months and are quite cheaper than regular contracts including phones. If you don't need a new phone - then they are definitely the better option! You can get more data for your money - you just have to compare the deals as per the guidelines above.
Most users have a lot in their plan that they do not use - voicecalls, messages, picture messages, data. Buy only the plan that will suit your usage and then you will know that you only pay for the things you use.
The best tip we can give you - choose wisely, do not rush and remember to shop around!

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