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Stay Connected with Phone Line Rental

If you’re considering changing your phone line rental, then you need to bear in mind various factors when judging which package you should go for. In this guide we look at what it is that makes up phone line deals, and how you can save by using the same provider for your phone line rental,broadband and TV.

What’s on the market?

Today, the phone line rental marketplace is more crowded than ever, and, whilst this means that there are hundreds of companies vying for your attention it can also mean that the process of choosing a provider is relatively confusing.

The first factor to consider is whether you’re just looking for a landline or if you also need broadband and possibly TV too. Whilst this may sound like an expensive way to go, generally the additional services don’t add that much more to your package, and if you currently have these services with another provider, then the chances are you’re paying over the odds.

Researching the best packages on the market

When searching for the best phone line deal, comparison engines are the best places to start. In particular uSwitch offers a straight forward process that walks you step by step through the various packages and what may be most suitable to your budget and phone usage.

You should additionally ensure that you’re not missing out on other deals from the companies that aren’t featured on these sites; check main provider’s websites or call them directly.

One particularly long standing supplier is BT, who were the original landline company; in recent years they have become more and more competitive to hold onto their market share; today they offer extremely low phone line rentals and packages.

Factors to consider when choosing your package

There are some key questions that you’ll need to ask yourself before looking at what’s available, and here are the main ones:

How often do you use your phone?

In addition to how often you use your phone, you need to think about the times of the day that you use it. Many providers offer free calls at certain times (such as at evenings and weekends), so taking advantage of these deals is vital to keeping your bill down.

How long do you want to commit for?

Contracts generally range from 1 to 12 months;however these contracts may be as long as 24 months if you’re taking broadband and TV also.

Do you need broadband or just a phone line?

Package deals that include broadband and TV can be great if you actually use these features of the service, however many people take them up and don’t use them frequently enough to warrant the extra charges. Be sure to only take out a full package if you will really use it.

Are there special discounts for pensioners?

BT offer an amazing service tailored for pensioners and their needs with easy to understand bills and good customer service. Rates are kept to minimum and there are tailored packages for people suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia. These are landline only deals and no internet or tv is included.

If you do decide to go for a phone, TV and broadband deal, then an additional factor to bear in mind is the speed and download limits of the broadband; download speeds can vary wildly from provider to provider, and download limits may see you receive a nasty bill should you go over the set limit. In both instances the best advice is to fully research any package that looks suitable, as very often the detail is in the terms and conditions.

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