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Apple Watch Series 2

An Apple Watch is the epitome of a luxury purchase, and the same is probably true of any watch that does anything beyond telling you the time (and maybe waking you up in the morning). The truth is, despite the clever marketing for which they've become famous, Apple have never really been able to sell the Apple Watch as something you need in your life.

Is Series 2 a game changer?
Give Apple their due: they have at least ensured the second incarnation of their watch is a significant upgrade on the first.

Last time, Apple attempted to roll out a whole host of apps and functions from the outset. The idea was good, but the execution left a little to be desired: the processor was too slow which meant, in practice, the watch had the unfortunate tendency of being slow and temperamental. This time it's quicker and sharper to your commands.

They've also fitted the device with a display resolution unrivaled by any other watch on the market (in fact it probably gives most phones a run for their money). With a screen of just 1.65 inches across, this was an upgrade that was desperately needed to improve general navigation.

Apple have also expanded GPS capabilities on Series 2. This addition appears to have been aimed at moving in on the fitness tracker market (with a handy GPS strapped to your watch, you can map your jogging distances and keep tabs on your work out gains).

To keep pace with the new features, the Apple Watch is now propped up by a bigger and more durable battery (although do remember that the GPS is number one on the list of apps that are going to make a big dent in the power bar).

It's also more water resistant (up to 50 metres) which is a handy perk if you plan to use it as a fitness tracker when you're doing lengths in the pool.

Price guide
Apple have responded to complaints that Series 1 was a little on the pricey side by slashing the initial cost of its successor down to £369.00 - and this will probably drop a little more once the launch hype settles down.

For a multi-dimensional watch such as this, the price is a fairly reasonable one - but we don't know exactly how long it will be before Apple launch an upgraded version (knowing Apple, expect this to be only a few years away).

Our verdict
Designers have made an ambitious play to turn the Apple Watch into a serviceable fitness tracker as well as a personal planner and entertainment centre. With a water resistant exterior, built-in GPS and heart rate monitoring, this is an ideal work out tool - but you can easily find a cheaper fitness tracker that does all this without the other stuff.

Remember that the watch is also strictly aimed at iPhone users, so by buying it you're tying yourself down to the same phone for a few years.

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