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Work from home

You may be still working from office and sacrificing more than 40 hours a week far from your family. But, have you ever imagined how different your life will be by shifting to work from home? While some companies think that they will not get anything done if they let their employees work from home, other companies and even studies support the idea of remote working because it reduces stress on employees and increase their productivity as well. Furthermore, it save a lot of money on the long run for both companies and their employees. In this topic, we will mention types of jobs that could be done from home and best companies that offer working-from-home jobs. But, first of all, what are the benefits you will get by working from home?

Why to work from home

Benefits of working from home are uncountable, you will find a lot of things you may be dreaming of while working from office. Here are fourof the main advantages of working from home.


Being healthy

Working from home enables you to have enough time living with your family and this will make you less stressed. Furthermore, you will be able to eat healthy food and have extra time to go to the gym or even doing exercise at home.


Saving time and money

An 8-hour per day job will not take only 8 hours if you are working from office. You will waste extra time on transportation from and to home. On the other hand, working from home can even require less than 8 hours as you will be more productive. Furthermore, you will save money that would be paid on commuting and buying unhealthy snacks at office.


More convenient

When you work from home, you will not be required to wear an annoying suit or working from inconvenient office. You will prepare your working environment at home based on your convenience and you will fill your working corner with a comfortable chair and desk.


Flexible schedule

Most of jobs that could be done from home could also be done by a flexible timing schedule. For example, web developers and content writers are able to code or write whenever they want. You can be committed to an 8-hour job without having to start from 8 am.


Disadvantages of working from home

While working from home is assured to be more productive, there are still some disadvantages that may face some of us. You may be waiting for an answer from another employee who will impact your work but you find no response or late response, you may be working slowly as a result of low Wi-Fi connection, and you may miss important calls or meetings as a result of working according to a flexible timing schedule.


What jobs could be done from home

Thanks to the technological improvement, a lot of jobs can be done now from home. A computer and an internet connection would be enough for employees to do these jobs from home as well as doing them from office. Here are some jobs to consider if you want to work from home.


Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, most businesses are operating online. So, they need a virtual assistant to perform administrative tasks to keep them always organized. These tasks include sending and responding to emails, responding to enquires, and distributing documents that are related to the business process. All of these tasks could be done from home or any other place connected to the internet. The monthly salary of a virtual assistant varies according to the company that he works for and the level of experience he acquires.  But in general, a virtual assistant takes from £2,000 to £3,000 per month as an average rate.


Web Developer

A lot of businesses are now operating through online websites. But, not all of these websites are built by their owners. It’s a time consuming process for business owners. They prefer to focus on their business and outsource the task of creating a website to a web developer. You don’t need a certificate to work as a web developer, only your laptop, a speedy internet connection, and an experience supported by successful websites you had already built are enough to apply for any available job. Web developing is one of the most paid jobs, you can earn from £5,000 to £10,000 per month as an average rate depending on your experience.


Freelance Writer

Writing skills are widely needed for businesses. Because most of businesses operate online, they need a skilled writer to write content and articles for their websites. Some of these websites especially the most popular have their own writers. But, others outsource their work and hire a freelance writer who do thatwork and be paid per article. If you have writing skills supported by a portfolio of written samples, your rate would be at least £100 per article. Sites like freelancer.com and upwork.com are of the best to consider if you want to start as a freelance writer.


Data Entry

Business owners usually measure the performance of their business or set business plans based on organized data. But, organizing data related to sales, inventory, shipments, and other business related processes is a time consuming process. So, a data entry is usually hired to perform these tasks. Only a computer and typing skills are required to work as a data entry. However, this job is a relatively well paid job. It pays from £2,500 to £3,500 per month as an average rate depending on your skills.


Call-Center Representative

Nowadays, there are different computer apps that could be used for receiving and making calls. Furthermore, most of businessesnow are operating online. So, they allow their customer service representatives to work conveniently from home. But, you will have to be committed to specific working hours at home and you should make sure that your internet connection is very good as well as your calling voice. Call center representatives don’t have a specific rate. But, on average, you can earn about £2,500 per month.


Where to find jobs that could be done from home

May be you have one skill or more that could be used to work from home. But, you may not know where to find a work-from-home job. In fact, there are too many companies that provide these jobs and here are some of them.



It’s the largest retailer all over the world. It employs more than 90,000 workers who work from home. The available jobs are in many different fields including account management, sales, operations, it engineering, customer service, business development, and more.



This is one of the greatest technology companies in the world. It provides job opportunities in about 130 countries. It provides employees with the flexibility of working from office or from home. The available positions include sales, translation, financing, marketing, and linguistics.



It’s a great outsourcing company that runs delivery centers in about 24 countries and employs more than 20,000 employees who are working from home. It provides customer service jobs for professionals and also students. The available jobs include sales and customer service representatives. You will need a high-school diploma or what is equivalent to apply for its jobs.



This is a company that builds products related to podcasts, metadata, and mobile apps. Most of workers in Aiir are working from home. But, you should have experience in sales, quality assurance, or web developing to apply for its jobs.



It’s an intermediate company that connects clients with virtual assistants. If you are a virtual assistant who are able to manage your time, you can join Fyxe rand it will connect you with clients.

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